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Posted On: 26 September 2022 10:00 am
Updated On: 26 September 2022 10:22 am

Payment gateway services in Qatar

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Qatar is making waves when it comes to digital adoption in the Middle East. Not only that, but consumers here have also almost completely shifted towards digital payment methods or payment gateway services – the new go-to in the region.

Importance of Payment Gateways in Qatar

The COVID-19 pandemic was a distressful global event; however, it brought about a shift in countries like Qatar, where brick and mortar or retail market was the preferred way of shopping. The shift towards online shopping made customers accustomed to payment gateway services to such an extent that they don’t prefer going back to older methods of payments.

Consumers here are now frequent users, whether for B2B or B2C purposes, as it is convenient. The pandemic was the trigger that made consumers realize the usefulness of technology, which means that more efforts are being made by the government to promote the FinTech sector.

Here are some options available in Qatar

Amazon Payment Services (APS)

APS offers an excellent solution for the common users who look to transact through online payment gateways in Qatar. It’s very simple and intuitive, with mainstream adaption. The service extends an array of payment features to its partners. There are onboard convenience features, a simple UI framework, and all relevant tutorials and resources to accommodate smooth payment transactions. The best feature of APS is its security protocols with compartmentalised authorization at every stage of the payment process.

APS is one of the most widely used payment gateway services here because of how robust its mechanism is. With absolutely zero startup fees for entry-level packages, it is recognized as a credible one. APS is, perhaps, the most viable option for large-scale merchants, as it offers custom packages based on transactional volume (per month), making it ideal for Up-scaled E-commerce Merchants.

    It also offers its customers an instalment option, allowing further flexibility for merchants. What’s more is that APS data analysis algorithms allow for business growth tracking in real-time, making it the ideal option for most medium to large-scale businesses and even ambitious startups.

    It offers secure checkout and fraud detection mechanism with a tailored checkout experience. It has a powerful dashboard, with easy integration of e-commerce platforms such as Magneto and WordPress. The payment gateway service supports Mastercard, VISA, American Express, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Mada STC Pay.


    2Checkout has an expanded reach of e-merchants, being available in 211 countries all across the globe. Providing full-fledged PCI compliance, it supports up to 87 currencies, with the support of 15 different languages.

    The service also provides ‘Ultimate Fraud Detection’ accommodating Address Verification, backed up 300+ CVV and rule checks. The additional transaction charges are slightly higher, translating to roughly 4% (3.9 to be exact), + 45 cents on every transaction.


    SadaPay is one of the best online payment service providers in Qatar and is the first Qatar-based company to offer integrated online payment services in the Middle East. 1000+ companies are abiding with SadaPay ranging from global to local, covering retail chains to mom-and-pop shops. Its unique payment services allow its users to minimize payment collection time, characterized by seamless and secure payment transactions.

    The key service aspects include Instant Billing, Payment Gateway, Point-of-Sale (POS), Payment for Packages and Subscriptions, Payments for Installments, and Payments for Real Estate and Property. It offers a user-friendly experience through the application, allowing you to easily review and manage your payments.


    Fatora is an online payment service that offers payment links, professional invoicing, point-of-sale (POS), and much more. It helps SMEs, small businesses, and e-commerce merchants to actively establish a link or gateway for sending and receiving online payments with ease.

    Fatora is quite popular in Qatar and acts as an online invoicing platform that streamlines payments between merchants and their clients in the MENA region, making it an invoicing + e-payment platform that enables small/ medium businesses and enterprises to collect their payments with one click and manage their payments (in the MENA region).

    It enables both online and offline payments. It works by the user entering the client’s name and number, the amount and the description of the invoice, and then sending it through any kind of means the user may like. The client will then receive the link to the invoice with multiple options to pay it. It’s fast, simple, and seamless.


    Noqoody is a smart payment solution for offline and online payments for e-commerce merchants and businesses. It also doubles as an Online Wallet, Self-service Machine, and Point-of-Sale (POS). It actively promotes local merchants and businesses to avail of online payment services through a safe and seamless mechanism.

    It offers the latest payment features and is backed by the latest technology to transact and execute electronic/online payments most efficiently and securely. It is also preferred by the government of Qatar for receiving payments via the Noqoody wallet account.


    Qatar strives to pave the way for an intense digital transformation ecosystem, characterised by widespread digital payment mechanisms and special emphasis on the FinTech sector. This is the reason e-commerce is growing at a much faster pace, and many new companies are launching online brands, and the already established brands like Qatar Airways coupon code, Namshi coupon code etc. are growing further.

    Given how Qatar has performed over the past two years in terms of its digital landscape growth during COVID-19, we believe that more digital payment partners will spread in the country to make it more fruitful for both the users and the digital economy of Qatar.

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