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Posted On: 30 October 2019 09:56 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:05 pm

Ministry launches Tasdeeq and Tawasol at QITCOM 2019

Sumaica Asad
Sumaica Asad
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The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC) launched on Tuesday "Tasdeeq" and "TAWASOL" Portals, on the sidelines of the first day of the fifth edition of Qatar Information Technology and Communication Conference and Exhibition (QITCOM 2019), which continues its work at Qatar National Convention Center till November 1.

Tawasol will offer a workspace where staff can set up audio and video meetings, chat, perform panel discussions, and distribute tasks.

The portal will also act as a knowledge sharing center, whereby staff will have access to essential documents related to their roles, projects or domains, trainings manuals.

The platform will enable staff to manage their meetings, upload and share documents, and calendars. Additionally, it will provide employees with the latest news, related laws and policies, guidance, and services.

Assistant Undersecretary of Information Technology Affairs at the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Hassan Jassim Al Sayed, said, "We are excited to announce the launch of Tawasol, a one-stop gateway for the employees in the public sector to access all wide range of information and resources, and share knowledge, and services to help build an efficient working environment. In line with Qatar Digital Government 2020 Strategy, Through Tawasol, we aim to empower government employees to share information, collaborate, and create knowledge centers."

"Tawasol has been designed to increase efficiency in productivity and reduce overall costs. It will also help governments achieve organizational excellence and improve corporate governance. Governmental staff across all sectors are encouraged to collaborate and use Tawasol to perform their work more effectively," he added.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC) also announced the launch of Tasdeeq, a shared service platform which offers ratification and validation services to government and corporate organizations in Qatar. The launch took place on the sidelines of QITCOM 2019.

Tasdeeq provides a collaborative environment where individuals, government and private entities interact together through a single portal to validate and authenticate documents. The portal allows users to share information in a secured manner and with a high level of confidentiality, using their credentials in the national identification system (i.e. Tawtheeq), thanks to the encryption feature that allows only authorized or authorized parties to access and verify user-information. Documents validation can additionally be done by calling Qatar Government Contact Center (QGCC), where information can be communicated with the agent and vice versa in a secure manner.

Tasdeeq is also available as a mobile app which can be downloaded from both Android and iOS app stores and while the platforms ratification service is exclusively for governmental organizations, its validation service, however, is available to the general public.

With the launch, citizens and residents of Qatar can now check the status of their documents anytime and anywhere, whether online or offline, and access their personal documents in their privacy, which makes Tasdeeq the first citizen documents vault implemented. They can also enjoy more security for their documents, with forgery and tampering prevented, and experience the simplicity of the validation process either by checking the documents themselves or through the QGCC. The service will equally help in time-saving by reducing the number of visits to government agencies for documents verification while at the same time help in curbing attempts to falsify documents and make documents archived and retrieved in a secure manner among others.

Major features of Tasdeeq include personal identification verification - in which users can access the required service only by using their credentials in the national identification system (Tawtheeq), data encryption which further enhances document security as documents will be released using a cutting-edge QR code that contains encrypted data, where only authorized or authorized parties can view and verify information provided by users; and digital signature which enables digital signage of any document or certificate electronically thereby preventing tampering as the digital signatures becomes automatically damaged if document is tampered with.

Commenting on the occasion, Assistant Undersecretary of Information Technology Affairs, Hassan Jassim Al Sayed, said: "MoTC is proud to launch this innovative service which is aimed at ensuring a more secured handling and accessing of documents in Qatar. Tasdeeq is a Qatar Digital Government (QDG) initiative which comes as parts of governments effort at further developing a sustainable digital ecosystem in Qatar by digitalizing its operations. With the launch of the new portal, the populace is assured of having their documents handled and processed faster and more efficiently without any worries."

Source: QNA