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Posted On: 25 April 2022 04:00 pm
Updated On: 25 April 2022 03:45 pm

Use artificial intelligence to shop for your groceries in Qatar!

Tracy Quirino
Tracy Quirino
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Running on a tight schedule but in dire need of some fresh meat for this weekend’s barbecue night? Well, we have just what you need. Get a mega-market in the palm of your hand with this new application called Jeeb!

Jeeb is the latest grocery delivery app in the market that introduces a new AI-powered SEO that will help you pick your products in just two easy steps! Ensuring customers with high quality, fresh products delivered to their doorstep, Jeeb is vendor-free.

What does Jeeb mean?

Jeeb in Arabic translates to ‘bring’ or ‘get’. To the creator and founder of Jeeb, it is a simple word, highlighting and emphasizing the fact that it does not need to be overcomplicated. Jeeb sells groceries, and they’ll get them for you.

How does the Jeeb app work?

Jeeb Advertorial
Enjoy convenience with Jeeb's 2-step AI! (Image credit: Jeeb)

The app is simple. Unlike other apps, Jeeb’s front end is vendor-free. This means that you as a consumer, or a viewer, are not under any obligation to go through the process of picking your vendor, or in other words, where your groceries come from.

At the same time, you can sort by brands and categories, and even go through Jeeb’s specialized filtered search called 2-Step AI.

The 2-step AI

Essentially, what 2-Step does is it helps you save time shuffling through the app and picking your products from different sections in the app. For example, you’re looking for rice and just remembered you need soap bars. Usually, you have to search for them or go through the categories and subcategories for these products and add them to your cart.

Jeeb App Advertorial
Jeeb's 2-step AI makes grocery shopping easier for you! Image credit: Jeeb

However, you can skip this step altogether with Jeeb’s 2-Step! Just write down what you need and an AI-powered SEO will help you pick your products literally in two steps. Select the 2-step option inside the Jeeb App and type in your grocery list. Once done, the application will automatically provide you with product options of all that you've listed down in one page!

Where did the idea for the app come from?

Jeeb is the brainchild of the founder of Mr. Bashar Jaber. After going through the pandemic, Mr. Bashar felt that online grocery shopping had gaps that he needed to address as the current apps were not covering all bases.

Aside from that, the logistical concerns when it comes to receiving frozen items such as meat and ice cream, as well as vegetables and fruits, were a cause of uncertainty for consumers. Mr. Bashar Jaber created Jeeb to solve these gaps and uncertainties: such as equipping their vehicles with refrigerators, Jeeb ensures the products delivered to you are fresh and frozen (if needed)!

What sets Jeeb apart from other platforms?

Jeeb advertorial
A mega-mart right at the palm of your hands! (Image credit: Jeeb)

As per Mr. Bashar, Jeeb has built itself to be a very good supply chain app. They currently have close to 9,000 active listings; a superb number of options for consumers, especially for a new app. Jeeb gets the chance to provide consumers with the ability to experience a mega-market through their phones. Aside from the wide array of products that many consumers can purchase, Jeeb also allows customers to order in bulk.

Another bonus with Jeeb is their 2-step AI which is extremely user-friendly. The founder of the app claims that this is made for a 5-year-old to use!

What's next for Jeeb?

Jeeb aims to provide services for everyone in Doha. They believe that the app could be used by an average person and greatly benefit from it too; almost like a lifesaver! Jeeb aims to capture the markets of neighbouring countries such as the UAE, KSA, and the likes. To quote Jeeb’s founder, they have “a goal, a passion, and a lane: groceries”.

Jeeb is an app that you would definitely want on your phone. Make some room for Jeeb as it promises not only great service but also a seamless take on a user-friendly application.


Cover image credit: Jeeb

Excited to get your groceries delivered to you through Jeeb? What are you waiting for, download the app now! Let us know how your transactions go in the comments below! Do share this article too - it keeps us going!