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Posted On: 5 April 2021 02:05 pm

Epic Gamers RGB Gaming Chair: A tech enthusiast's review

Afroon Afeez
Afroon Afeez
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Epic Gamers RGB Gaming Chair: A tech enthusiast's review

Level Up is a new series by for cool tech products that are available in Qatar. In our first article, we have a tech enthusiast who will be sharing his review of the Epic Gamers RGB Gaming Chair.

Epic Gamers is a new gaming brand that's recently been getting a lot of attention for their products like gaming chairs, monitors, etc. Even though they are fairly new in the market, they are definitely gaining popularity among the gaming community in Qatar.

Let's dive right into the review of the Epic Gamers RGB Gaming Chair, so you understand why it's a 'level up' in the gaming chairs industry!

The RGB Gaming Chair review

One of the products Epic Gamers offers is different models of gaming chairs and their accessories. And, that's what I wanted...a gaming chair...But not just any gaming chair. I got the Epic Gamers RGB Gaming Chair because of its RGB mode and its stealth black colour.

RGB's just a fancy way of saying led lights that, it’s often unclear why buyers - specifically gamers enjoy and prefer RGB lighting on their gear. From the outside looking in, it’s hard to trace when and where the trend first began, but with the Epic Gamers gaming chair, it sure adds to the beauty of the chair.

Level Up with Epic Gamers RGB Gaming Chair
Perfect for gaming and just to relax

This was the first time I've ever tried a gaming chair I always thought they were just a gimmick, but as it turns out, I was wrong. I love a good and comfy office chair as my work demands me to be in the same seat for hours and hours. That’s why I went for a gaming chair instead of a regular office chair.

Easy to set up

The setting up process was so easy that I felt like a pro (which I’m not). It took me just 30 mins to unbox and set up the chair. Epic Gamers even gives you the tools needed for setting up!

Matches your set up perfectly

As expected from Epic Gamers, the build quality of the RGB Gaming Chair is amazing. It comes with a faux leather option, it feels and looks great, and the RGB option with multiple cycles of colours that will match whatever setup you have perfectly. It also comes with a battery pack and remote control for the RGB lights.

Epic Gamers RGB Gaming Chair: A tech enthusiast's review
Epic Gamers RGB Gaming Chair in action!

The RGB can be easily turned off, if you want to use this gaming chair for your office setup, and don’t want to be the flashy one in the office.

Designed for comfort and adjustability

The chair's faux leather is warm and comfortable even in cold rooms, especially if you're planning on sitting for long. It feels like the chair understands your posture and gives you the kind of maximum comfort that you need in a workspace. The wheels are smooth. When I move back and forth, it's like gliding on ice, in a good way!

The armrest for the chair is sturdy, yet comfortable, and it has hydraulic height adjustment so you can get the privilege of maximum comfort, and, the backrest can also be adjusted using a lever. In addition, it comes with a neck rest and backrest pillows which are adjustable as well and changes the game completely once set up.


Adjustable and comfortable!

The seat is kinda firm; maybe it’s just me but when you first sit on it, you might think the chair is uncomfortable. But once you get the backrest, headrest, tilt, and height set up, this will be one of the most comfortable chairs you've ever sat in. I’ve been using this chair for a week now and I’m completely in love with it.


Level Up with Epic Gamers RGB Gaming Chair
Multi-coloured RGB cycles

I was surprised that a gaming chair can make a difference. If you're looking for a chair for your gaming setup, want to be the cool one in your office or just want to sit in a comfortable chair while you work/play, I will definitely recommend this chair to you. Do give it a chance!

Price and availability

The Epic Gamers RGB Chair is available at Store974 for QR 999, along with the battery pack:


Written by a tech enthusiast

Do you have a gaming chair? Will you get the Epic Gamers RGB Gaming Chair? What should we be reviewing next? Do let us know your thoughts in our comments section below. Like and share the article - it keeps us going!