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Posted On: 1 May 2020 04:18 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:07 pm

Get the Rimads app and enjoy free delivery on healthcare, wellness products!

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In today’s world, digitization is key and, as a result, technology is revolutionizing all industries. Qatar is at the forefront of innovating in technology and strives to offer its people the special experience they always wanted and deserved, especially in healthcare.

Rimads is leading this technology revolution in medicine…

With medicine at its heart and computer science at its core, Rimads, a technology company at Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP) in Qatar Foundation, has been building a technology-based medical ecosystem that aims at transforming the experience of people with health and pharmaceutical services.

Rimads’ ecosystem allows patients to obtain immediate, accurate, and fast assessments of their cases (including the nascent COVID-19) using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced computer science techniques. If needed, it subsequently connects patients with human doctors through virtual rooms using a smart booking system that reduces waiting times and a secure streaming application that enriches remote diagnosis sessions. During remote sessions, doctors can further use the Rimads pharmaceutical platform to prescribe medicines to patients, which are then delivered to their places anywhere in Qatar in less than 2 hours.

After more than 2.5 years of research and development, the AI-based assessment system of Rimads reached recently an accuracy of more than 92% after tested over thousands of medical cases. Rimads is planning to launch the system in Qatar and internationally within two months from now through an app named Avey that will be available on Apple Store and Google Play.

More than 4 months ago as well, Rimads launched its pharmaceutical e-commerce and consultation platform in Qatar. The platform uses advanced technology to automatically consolidate inventories of medicines from across a network of pharmacies in the country and offer them in one app, named the Rimads app.

The Rimads app allows people to experience the ease and convenience of having medicines at their fingertips delivered to their doorsteps, without worrying about how or where to find them.

But, how and is there more to it?

Let’s tell you…

The Rimads mobile app is your answer…

…as it offers you the opportunity to order your medicines and all sorts of health and wellness products, including vitamins, supplements, vegan, organic, and personal care items, to mention just a few. That’s not all! It also allows you to consult immediately and remotely with pharmacists through the app itself, thus enhancing your experience with pharmacy services, making them readily accessible, fast, and reliable.

Now, all you need to do is click a few buttons on an extremely friendly and well-designed app interface, and within a short time, you’ll have all your health and wellness products in your hands, without having to step a foot out of your door. The best part of it; your products will be delivered to you in less than two hours, no matter where you are in Qatar.

And yet, Rimads health domain experts will not only answer your questions and provide you with recommendations for a healthy and safe life through the Rimads app, but further are constantly available through their social media accounts, wherein they provide the community with health awareness content to elevate well-being and support all during this highly challenging time.

In a nutshell, the Rimads mobile app is a must have…

…because it has a number of benefits, whereby you can:

1. Easily browse a vast collection of over-the-counter medicines and healthy-living products

    With the Rimads app, you can use your smartphone to browse and search for over-the-counter medicines and healthy-living products coming from a large network of different pharmacies and wellness stores in Qatar. You can place orders and have your items delivered directly to you, wherever you are.

    2. Consult remotely with specialists

      The Rimads app includes a brief set of instructions explaining how to use every item safely. Additionally, it allows you at the touch of a button to ask a specialist (e.g., pharmacist or a health expert) about your case or any item through a secure voice- and text-based communication channel.

      3. Order, track, and receive secured health and wellness items at your door at any time

        The days of leaving your home, driving through traffic, and waiting in lines are long gone. You can now order and track all kinds of health & wellness products through the Rimads app. Afterwards, Rimads delivers directly to you using high-tech, temperature-safe, and fully-private packing techniques.

        Download the dynamic Rimads app…

        … on Google Play and Apple Store get the Rimads app to enjoy a new and special experience as well as elevate your health to a new level.

        Enjoy free delivery…

        …and guess what? Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, Rimads is currently making all deliveries for free, supporting and protecting our beloved community.