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Posted On: 30 October 2019 07:54 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:05 pm

10 interesting technologies to check out at QITCOM 2019

Khadiza Begum
Khadiza Begum
Content Writer
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The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC) is organizing the fifth edition of Qatar Information Technology and Communication Conference and Exhibition - QITCOM 2019 to showcase innovative and various technologies. The event is set to take place on the 29th of October till 1st November 2019 at the Qatar National Convention Center (QNCC). We found some interesting technologies to check out at the QITCOM 2019, let's scroll all the way down to know more about them.

1. Smart traveler system

What annoys you the most during your travel? Isn’t that long queue or showing your travel documents at point A to B? Imagine how would you feel if you are no longer in need of going through all these traditional procedures!

Hamad International Airport (HIA) - the five-star airport demonstrates at QITCOM 2019 the second phase of its Smart Airport technology by inviting the public to its exhibition booth to experience paperless airport travel first-hand for the first time in Qatar. The state-of-the-art airport is showcasing its break-through Smart Airport technology to the public by displaying its five self-service touchpoints consisting of; self-check-in, self-bag-drop, pre-immigration, airport wayfinding touch screen, and self-boarding, all of which are biometric-enabled. You can also meet there a robot that is designed to help the passengers at the airport.

2. Smart shopping

Imagine a shopping experience that allows you to put on all your favorite fashion labels at the same time without having to try out every item physically. Sounds impossible, right? Well, FXMirror is a virtual fitting solution that measures a customer’s body measurements. Using it is quite simple, the customer stands in front of a display that shows 3D clothing, created from actual photos, which is layered on top of the customer’s reflection on the Adisplay. Don't miss to check it out!

3. Intelligent healthcare

We often need to go through different medical tests to detect, diagnose, or monitor our diseases and for this, we need to visit different wards of the hospital. How amazing would it be if we could do various tests or screening at a time at a particular place? Bodyo - this single machine allows you measure your weight, body composition, non-invasive blood sugar, oxygen saturation, metabolism, hemoglobin, systolic diastolic pulse rate, Body Mass Index (BMI) and much more!

4. Smart Farming

Do you know what is Smart Farming? It’s a farming management concept using modern technology to increase the quantity and quality of agricultural products. At QITCOM 2019, you will spot FarmBot which is an open-source precision agriculture farming project consisting of a Cartesian coordinate robot farming machine, software, and documentation including a farming data repository. The FarmBot web app can be loaded on any computer, tablet, or smartphone with a modern web browser, giving you the power to manage your garden from anywhere at any time.

5. Smart Transportation

The Ministry of Transport and Communications continues to strive towards establishing a smart transport system, as part of the implementation of the Tasmu Smart Qatar Program. The ministry is working on five main projects related to public transport, they are electric buses, establishing 17 public transport infrastructure sites, 3,000 smart bus stops, developing the West Bay bus center, water taxis, and improved public transport buses. However, you will spot at QITCOM amazing electric buses, smart bus stops and other means of public transport.

6. Learning Hadith through VR

You can learn hadith through virtual reality that takes you on a journey back through time, helping you to visualize the places and the people you're learning about.

    7. Assistive Technology

    Mada (Qatar Assistive Technology Center) showcases different Assistive Technologies that cater to persons with physical, hearing, visual, and learning disabilities.

    8. Virtual reality stadium

    You can also Experience there how the Lusail Stadium will look like through the Virtual Reality (VR).

    9. EduTec

    EduTec is envisioning the role of technology in transforming education through different technologies like robotics, artificial intelligence, biotech and much more!

    10. Social companion robots

    You will also enjoy the company of social robots that are designed to interact with humans.
    These robots are equipped with facial and voice recognition software that enables them to function as personal assistants.