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Posted On: 25 March 2021 03:25 pm
Updated On: 25 March 2021 03:31 pm

World Champion Mutaz Barshim's Jump for Gold goes live

Red Bull Qatar
Red Bull Qatar
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Mutaz Barshim's Jump For Gold is live

We’ve known Mutaz Barshim as the elite high jumper and pride of the Qatari Nation who takes on the track and field by storm with his personal best of 2.43 m High Jump. We also recognize him as the first high jump athlete in the history of the sports to win the world title two times in a row. Add to that, a bronze and a silver Olympic Medal. But what really goes into Mutaz’s performance and what is the process behind it. As a first-timer, Mutaz is here now to narrate his own story, taking us on his journey as he leaps towards an unforgettable legacy in the world of Track and Field.

World Champion Mutaz Barshim's Jump for Gold goes live
Image credit: Red Bull Qatar

Releasing his first-ever docu-series “Mutaz Barshim: Jump for Gold” in partnership with Red Bull, the Golden Qatari Falcon takes us with him on a journey to his hardcore training camps in various locations across the world, up close and personal into his preparations for the biggest milestone of his sportive career – a gold medal at the big games in Tokyo!

Commenting on the series, Mutaz Barshim says:

“People always see me on the track and field, in competition, in my sportive element. I feel it’s time to get closer, share the details, the process, more in an up-close and personal way. I want to take them with me to the mountains of Zakopane, to my home in Doha, to my lockdown days and how the world changed for me, to Malmo and Munich where I have different training experiences. The people have always been my greatest supporters and through this series I want them to be closer to me through my journey.”
World Champion Mutaz Barshim's Jump For Gold goes live
Image credit: Red Bull Qatar

The story, narrated by Mutaz, reflects on his journey towards clinching the gold medal in Tokyo in Summer 2021. He takes us back to the early days of the journey’s kick off in December 2019 all through the COVID-19 breakout in 2020, the Olympics Postponement, the one extra year, and heading back to a new normal today in 2021.

Mutaz deep-dives into his world unveiling new sides he shares for the first time. Composed of 5 chapters, in each chapter we travel virtually with Mutaz into his world.

Check out the series trailer here!

The docu-series has launched in partnership with Red Bull and full episodes will be available to watch on:

Chapter 1: Mountain Training in Zakopane, Poland

In chapter 1, Mutaz Barshim takes us to the kickoff of his journey towards the Olympic gold medal. Back in December 2019 we find Mutaz in the mountains of Zakopane in Poland as the elite High Jumper starts to prepare his body and mind for the most challenging 2020 season ever, after the mega World Champion title win in Doha that year.

Barshim attributes his success to consistency and discipline. Being in such a place like Zakopane diversifies the landscape and adds to the variety of his training routines. When in Zakopane, Mutaz resided at the Centralny Osrodek Sportu Zakopane. He takes us through his daily routine at this Olympic Preparation Centre that provides access to various sports facilities and professional services for athletes.

What is coming up next?

The upcoming chapters will unveil more stories from Mutaz upon his return to Doha in early January 2020, how the COVID-19 outbreak started having a toll on the world and impacting Mutaz personally and on a professional level, moving on to his return back to the new normal late 2020/early 2021.

Written by Red Bull Qatar, copy edited by ILQ staff