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Posted On: 1 May 2016 04:03 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:56 pm

When fitness is a way of life in Qatar

Anushay T.Khan
Anushay T.Khan
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In today’s world, fitness is not an option, it has become a lifestyle. Where people are more aware of themselves now, exercise has become one of the regular things everyone is more inclined to. Looking for a fit and active life? Qatar knows exactly what to give you. There are various programs to fit your schedule and budget and you can take a break from your regular gym and focus more on the different methods these people offer. Here is a list of different fitness options available in Doha.

Bootcamp: A group that goes by the name of “Bootcamp Military Fitness” is giving you courses like never before. Providing different training to help you maintain or achieve that body weight, this boot camp is nothing ordinary. These are real life military camps that are instructed by real life soldiers so get this; you are in for a military treat!
Contact: 7756 7527


Kickboxing in Doha: Doha Kickboxing club is gaining popularity over the past few months as it has become one of the most reasonable kickboxing classes around. Providing a customized set of exercise that include kickboxing as well, this technique brings in core strength and defensive skills to a whole new level. A mix for all sorts of fitness levels, this club is the one you would want to check out for sure.
Contact: 6633 1499


MIA Fitness- Well, everyone knows where MIA Park is. So, if you think that you can go to the park every day, you need to check out the MIA Fitness club which has various plans to cater to everyone. You can get their 12 weeks custom plan and see your fitness level go up and you get more motivated by the results.
Contact: [email protected]


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