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Posted On: 1 October 2019 05:31 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:05 pm

Top 5 attractions at the IAAF World Athletics Village

Arvin Garcia
Arvin Garcia
Content Writer
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IAAF World Athletics Village at the Khalifa International Stadium opened its doors to the public last 27 September 2019 and continues to be a must-visit place in celebration of the IAAF Doha 2019 athletic competitions held here in the country. Visitors from around the world gathered to witness the epic athletics event and at the same time, they are enjoying a whole host of activities at the fan zone that includes different programs for children, game booths from various countries, snack houses, as well as a special portion inside to introduce and highlight the customs, traditions, and culture of countries participating in the event

IAAF World Athletics Village has welcomed more than 10,000 visitors so far, with fans benefiting from the village's unique attractions and creative gimmicks to hook them to continue watching the sporting event. To highlight more this amazing place, we've come up with the top 5 attractions inside IAAF World Athletics Village that individuals, kids and family alike will surely love and it's all for free!

1. 360-Degree Booth

If you love taking your unique pictures at a higher level, then this 360-Degree booth is what you should visit first when you go to the Athletics Village. Sponsored by Qatar National Bank (QNB), the booth allows you to have your pictures taken in a 360-degree with the Khalifa International Stadium as your backdrop. All you need to do is enter the booth, strike your best pose and instantly, your 360 degrees shot is produced. You can get a copy of your picture by giving your email address to the organiser and they will send it immediately before you leave the booth. Now, are you ready to give the best pose of your life? Go and enjoy this booth with friends and families.

360-Degree Booth

2. Fastest Running Challenge Booth

You love to see running your favourite athletics in the competition. But before watching your best-loved athletes compete, better drop by this activity on your way to the stadium, the Fastest Running Challenge booth. Fans of all ages are encouraged to participate in the 10-metre running competiton. Just like an ordinary track, this booth has a start and finish lines, a digital clock to manage time, and speed detectors to calculate the actual speed of each runner. To begin, a signal is given to participants as they run the track and give their fastest time. The fastest runner receives a gift pack from the organiser. So, if you got the legs and speed, try this out and take on the challenge!

Fastest Running Challenge Booth

3. The Entertainment Stage

Every night diverse cultural groups take centre-stage in the IAAF World Athletics Village to promote their countries' rich culture and traditions through singing and dancing. Participating countries from the event, take turns in showcasing their latest dancing moves with modern and traditional influences. The audience would sway and groove as the group dance to their delight. Singing groups from Somalia as seen in the picture shares their brand of music as the fans appreciate their performance by clapping their hands to the tune of the music. The organiser made sure that the people coming here will not only have fun but will also be entertained and educated by exposing them to other cultures of the world.

The Entertainment Stage

4. Cultural Booths

Aside from showcasing the world's different cultures through dancing and singing, IAAF World Athletics Village also allotted a special portion inside the park for these participating countries to promote their products and important artifacts that have made their country proud. Some of these countries include Kenya, Jamaica, Mexico, Egypt, and Ghana. They boast of different products from beautiful necklaces, headgears, paintings, historical jars, colourful fabrics, decorative pieces and more, all exemplifying their rich cultural heritage. Are you impressed? What are you waiting for? Learn and enjoy these world's relevant products and see the world from a different perspective.

Cultural Booths

5. Various games from around the world

This is a place where kids can relax, have fun and enjoy the activities that go along with the IAAF Doha 2019 athletic competitions being held now. The organiser gathered various games from different countries participating in the event and introduce them to the fans and visitors. Games include sack races, obstacle relays, running and a lot more.


Some of the famous games here include Jukskei, a South African sports game that originated around the 1970s. The aim is to pin down the centre rod buried up in sand by just using 8 skeys or sticks. To win you need to hit the centre rod with a 6 out 8 tries only. Usually, this game is played by two teams. The first team who hits the mark 6 times first is declared as a winner. So visit this booth and play these rare games that you can only see in this village.


There’s no doubt that IAAF World Athletics Village can help boosts the attendance of more fans and visitors who want to enjoy the events in this year’s athletic competitions. By providing them with these fun and interesting activities and educating them with amazing cultures from participating countries, the host country Qatar will continue to flourish into a global successful event in history.

IAAF World Athletics Village

Opening hours: 5 pm to 10 pm
Location: Aspire Zone, Al Waab St, Doha
Date: Open until 6 October 2019