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Posted On: 6 May 2016 09:56 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:56 pm

Special Needs? More Like Special Abilities… Nawaal Akram participates in Wings For Life World Run!

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Seventeen year-old, Nawaal Akram, wants to get involved in: Wings for Life. An initiative that aims to raise awareness about spinal cord injuries by allowing people to “run for those who can’t”.

Even though she can’t physically run, she found a comfortable position in her wheelchair and described how she would love to be part of the cause. She will be traveling to Dubai, one of the 34 locations from around the World hosting the Wings for Life World Run on the 8th of May at 11:00 UTC. And, just like that, Nawaal is one step closer to achieving her goal of being an inspirational physically-challenged female in Qatar.

Wings For Life Selfie Run using the “Selfie Run” App will take place in Qatar at Porto Arabia Boardwalk Marina, Gate 2, The Pearl on May 8th at 2:00PM! For registration, call 66004820.

100% of all donations will go to support life-changing research projects that aim to find a cure for spinal cord injuries. The research projects are lead by Wings For Life Spinal Cord Research Foundation.

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