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Posted On: 11 February 2014 09:35 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:51 pm

Sidra Employees Have a Field Day

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Sidra Medical and Research Center gave their employees a Field Day during this year’s National Sport Day celebrations. Following the initiative by His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani in 2011, the first National Sport Day was held in 2012 and the third occasion this year speaks to the exponential growth and success of the event meant to help create a healthy community.

“The State of Qatar is wise in establishing Sport Day as a day to encourage its citizens and residents to be active and fit. It is inspiring to see the community come out in large numbers to various venues to show their support. Our vision at Sidra is to provide world-class healthcare to the women and children of Qatar. This includes providing every opportunity to educate our patients, their families and the community and encourage healthy habits. It is always wise to practice what you preach and being a shining example of good health as a medical professional sends a strong message to our patients,” said Sidra Chief Executive Officer Dr. William Owen when welcoming Sidra participants.

Sidra employees gathered at the Grand Hyatt Beach and Garden where a virtual playground met families for a day of active fun. Visitors took part in a variety of events, including ping pong, dart balloons, beach soccer, yoga classes, tug of war and beach volleyball for adults.

“There were so many choices perfect for children and parents that you couldn’t help but want to get involved in something. We had our very own park with everything a family could think of doing on a day off,” said Sidra’s Publications Editor Julie Shield, who brought her two children to the event.

As part of Sidra’s ongoing commitment to the health of its employees, Sidra’s Bil Afia employee wellness program continues to offer courses, lectures and practical sessions to ensure that a healthy lifestyle is never too far off mind.

“Apart from improving employee health, increasing workplace wellness program boost loyalty and commitment, a significant factor in a rapidly changing and expanding environment of Qatar. The National Sport Day is a good reminder to us all about the importance of nurturing a healthy lifestyle. We should always take this occasion to encourage new converts to the healthy lifestyle, and workplace wellness programs help bring this spirit into the office, where most of us spend a considerable amount of time,” said Shefa Ali, Sidra’s Head of Healthcare Marketing and the driving force behind Bil Afia.

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