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Posted On: 20 January 2014 05:57 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:51 pm


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Qatar-based social enterprise, The Youth Company, has shed light on young Qatari athlete, Mohamed Abu Issa, who has been acknowledged as a pioneering example for youth within the nation as well as on an international sphere through his recent achievements as a quad racer.

Active throughout 2013 in the quad racing sport, Abu Issa has been involved in a number of cross-country rallies and championships around the MENA Region, Europe, as well as South America. The racer’s achievements include winning the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge 2013, reaching third place in the Sealine Cross Country Rally-Qatar 2013, fourth place in the Sardinia Cross Country Rally 2013, and sixth place in the Brazil Rally.

Following a race in Morocco in October 2013, Abu Issa faced serious injury during an accident; however, he actively continued his training following a challenging recovery, moving on to race again in Dakar in January and finishing second place overall in quad racing during the World Cup 2013. He won the 1st place as quad rookie at his first competition in Dakar and the 4th overall, also ranking as the 1st Qatari Quad champion to make it to Dakar, where out of 48 quad racers, only 15 completed. The race at Dakar was 8,700 kilometers over the course of two weeks. Currently, Abu Issa is competing for Qatar in the Cross Country Rally World Cup and the Qatar International Enduro Race in the quads category.

“As one of Qatar’s most notable racing figures, Mohamed Abu Issa is certainly a role model for youth in the region, many of whom take a profound interest in the wide-ranged racing industry. The Youth Company proudly supports Mohamed, Abuissa Racing, and the distinguished sport of quad racing, which has been growing considerably in popularity over the past decade especially in Qatar,” speaks Mohamed Farid, Founder and Chairman of The Youth Company International.

Mohamed Abu Issa is the founder of Abuissa Racing, which is primarily sponsored by Salam International, as well as a number of notable corporate bodies in the industry, including the Qatar Motor & Motocycle Federation, the Regents Racing-Society, and Sebsports.

"An amazing sensation and a great pride to achieve one of my life time ambitions. I have finished the Dakar! Thanks to all my supporters, you mean more than anything to me. I would also like to say a special thanks to my main sponsor Salam International for making this happen!" Said Mohamed Abu Issa.

“TYC looks forward to seeing Abuissa Racing expand in the near future, growing their corporate identity and competing in more championships and tournaments worldwide. We are pleased to have the presence of this talented youth in the nation, and hope that he will help inspire and empower more and more young people to partake in the quad racing sport,” ends Farid.

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