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Posted On: 8 February 2016 04:46 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:55 pm

Little snacks HUGE calories: a guide to working off your favorite eats

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In Qatar many of us are mindless eaters. But do you realize just how many calories you're consuming with one effortless grab? Perhaps more importantly, do you realize just how much exercise it takes to burn those things off? Here's a metabolic chart using three popular forms of exercise: running, cycling and weightlifting, in order to determine how long it takes to burn off your 10 snacks if you're a 180-pound dude.

For this 180-pound man, the following (roughly) applies:

- 1 hour of intense weightlifting burns 450 calories
- 1 hour of moderately fast cycling (14-16 mph) burns 750 calories per hour
- 1 hour of fairly fast running (8 mph) burns 1,000 calories per hour

Results below are based on the activity of a 30-Year-old man, weighing 70kg with a height of 180 cm and running a pace of 6:30 min / km


1. Chocolate Chip Cookie - 201 calories-2,68km


2. Chocolate Bar - 260 calories-3,46 km-50g


3. Chocolate Cream - 1211 calories-16,14 km-350g


4. Doughnut - 307 calories-4,09 km-70 g


5. Ice Cream - 267 calories-3,56km


6. Shawarma -


7. Fries -


8. Chips -


9. Soda -


10. Burger -

Interestingly enough, we're basing our calculations off calories and not fat because fat doesn't matter as much as calories in terms of how long it takes to burn off. The reality is that calories -- not fat -- show things that people think might not be so bad (like cookies) can actually be really bad.

Fat is only an issue if it's trans fats. If you're not overweight, then the amount of fat in your diet (as long as not trans) is not that big a deal. The calories are where you're wasting your gym time.

Today Qatar is expending more effort to get the population moving through a healthier living. The country initiates a sport day that is held each year, every second tuesday of February. Check out ILQ Exclusive! Your Guide for the Qatar National Sport Day 2016 .