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Posted On: 28 October 2015 08:02 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:54 pm

Introducing: Pinoy Futbol Club Qatar (PFCQ)

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Mega Cervantes
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Greetings from Pinoy Futbol Club-Qatar! Foremost, it is our great pleasure to introduce our organization as Filipino football (or soccer) enthusiasts bonded by common love and dedication to the sport, driven by desire in excelling in our beloved sport in representing our Filipino community and country in related leagues and tournaments here in the State of Qatar.


Pinoy Futbol Club Qatar (PFCQ) is one of the recognized clubs in the Philippines Embassy here in Qatar established on April 12, 2013. The club has more than 70 members and still growing. The club is a non-profitable organization and our aim is to spread to everyone that Pinoys are into this sport and we are competitive and always up for a challenge for the love of this sport. We are a Filipino futbol club that promotes physical fitness, personal development, and athletic excellence. We offer an environment that is nurturing and all inclusive. As of now the members are all male athletes from 15 years old to 50 years old. Each athlete is encouraged to train hard, compete to their best ability, respect their competitors and above all have fun. We are recognized by the Philippine Embassy for our athletic achievements, team unity, respecting our competitors, and striving for excellence both on and off the field.


Our futbol club has grown from a small team to club in a very short time. As a bit of background about PFCQ, initially, there were several of such groups mostly comprising of close-knit friends, regional-based teams, and/or company-based ones, engaging in the sport during weekend friendly scrimmages and matches. Seeing the interest of these individuals and the desire to indulge collectively, Pinoy Futbol Club-Qatar came into fruition. The club has been continuously organizing internal football tournaments such as EID Cup tournaments, futsal matches and participating to different football activities organized by Qatar Football Association (QFA), Qatar Stars League (QSL) and Qsports on a yearly basis.


Right now we are currently holding our Winter Cup Tournament 2015 1 st Season to welcome the cold winter season of the year. To date, PFCQ had been privilege in “officially” representing the Philippines in the Qatar Nations Beach Cup, Qatar Nations Football Cup, Qatar Worker’s Cup, QSports Leagues and Doha Asians Cup, amongst others, which are mainly sponsored and officially sanctioned by the Qatar 2022 Supreme Committee, QFA, QSL, and organized by QSports. Apart from participation in these prestigious tournaments, PFCQ have initiated in assisting and providing football programs to educational-based groups, presently interested students from both PSD and PISQ, in accordance with our core objectives.


As of now, with help of Ceejay Rombano, also a Filipino Community Leader the club is starting to be recognized by the Public as well as the Filipino Community. Ms. Ceejay Rombano is also an active UFOQ Committee Member under Sports and Wellness committee which she continuously helping our club to facilitate our needs in her own little way. Ms. Ceejay Rombano is also a mother of our one player Jhann Cliffer Rombano and a football enthusiast. Because of her many doors where open for us and the club is now also part of Welfare and Outreach Program under the umbrella of United Filipinos Organization in Qatar year 2015-2016. PFCQ is aiming to establish and maintain good relationships with other organizations since the club has the same objectives; to reach out and help less privileged OFWs here in Qatar. You can search our group activities at Facebook just type Pinoy Futbol Club Qatar and you will find the regular updates of the club and our practice game schedules. Normally we have a minimum of twice a day practice per week. You will find friendly members here and all of the members are accommodating. For more inquiries you may email us at [email protected]


PFCQ Officials: President: Ammiel Mejia Treasurer: Vicreu Gloria Vice- President: Efren Luigi Bendo Jr. Event Coordinator: Jozwel Laroa Secretary: Gerald Lucas Fronda Logistics Coordinator: Edgar Pantaras