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Posted On: 11 February 2016 01:37 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:55 pm

How to dress for Qatar National Sport Day

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Still don’t know what to wear? Sports Day has finally arrived but sometimes it is hard to find the best fit for sporty activities and a National Holiday. Here is what we suggest you wear for the day of fitness and workouts. You don’t have to settle for practical with these tips.

1. Fanilla Couture


Fanilla Couture has come a long way from being casual print shirts to being well-known and highly desired occasion wear for men, women and kids. Traditional designs and geometric pattern are combined with modern fashion on dresses, kimonos, T-shirts, and even sweats. So swing on one of the beautiful kimonos or stunning sweatshirt and pants that you can match with your children.

2. Go barefoot


If you want to be very traditional, wear slippers and work out on the beach and feel the sand on your bare feet. There is no better support while exercising than what nature has given you; your own feet. There are many festivities and activities that would be ideal for your bare feet.

3. Be Raza


Be Raza has some very cool designs. If you wear designs of this Qatar based brand you are guaranteed looking fly staying fit. You can purchase the designs on their Instagram page or by directly contacting them. Look cool, and be Raza!

4. Urban Arabian


Urban Arabian combines Qatar’s heritage with casual style and modernity. You can not only wear cool jumpers and T’s but UA’s specialty is hats. The fashionable and popular caps will keep your head cool and your eyes within shade while you’re engaging in the sports activities.

5. Melag Boutique


Melag Boutique in Qatar combines the designs of several designers from all around the world. Get a catchy accessory or a minimalistic piece. Creativity meets innovation and you will not be overlooked in your sports wear if you add something from this boutique.

6. Printaty


Printaty is your best bet for adorable children’s wear for the National occasion or for little tags, flags and anything printed. Printaty has themed items for you to purchase for any day of the year.

Our suggestions are not only fit for Sports Day, but are also great for other occasions or every day. So, check out these shops! After all, whatever you end up dressing in, keep it respectful. Wear something comfortable for you to move in freely and something that may make you stand out! Share your Qatar National Sport Day outfits with us on social media!