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Posted On: 31 December 2015 03:36 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:55 pm

Hats Off to a Perfect Football Game

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What an amazing game last night at Al Sadd Stadium! We all know that when Paris Saint-Germain comes to play in Doha, we are in for a football treat, but there was much more to yesterday’s match making this an incredible sports experience. Here are the highlights of the event and our thanks to the organizers!

The organizers of the friendly match we all anticipated were Qatar Stars League, Qatar Football Association, Qatar Tourism Authority. Internal Security Force also played a great part in the organization as they were in charge of the security measures, making everyone feel very safe at the game.


The tickets sold out for the first time in advance to the game, being 4 days before the actual match. Enthusiasm was welcomed from Qatar’s residents and even from football fans outside of Qatar! A friendly match with the two top teams PSG and Inter Milan promises a great audience and a sensational game.


Entry was segregated to the assigned groups of the spectators to Regular spectators, Staff, Media, VIP and VVIP. This made sure of top organization of the match from the get go! Everything was very accessible due to the organization and the traffic flow was better compared to previous big events in Qatar. Pleasant access and traffic already set out a good mood for what follows!


Inside the Media tribune with a good view of the football field, staff kindly provided help and assistance to everyone and the special features included free Wi-Fi, charging stations and delicious food and refreshments! How much more could one be spoiled at a football game with famous players?


Great atmosphere, passionate fans, good food, exciting views, talented players, fantastic organization and sensible safety shaped the friendly match. As for the game, PSG won 1:0 against Inter Milan and it was full of suspense until the last minute!