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Posted On: 30 June 2016 01:15 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:56 pm

From Qatar to Brazil: Qatar Beach Volleyball team celebrates

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Qatar Beach volleyball

It is a monumental occasion as the Qatar Beach Volleyball team which has qualified for the Rio de Janeiro Olympics for 2016 met at the Sheraton hotel on the 29 th of June to celebrate qualifying for the Olympics. For the first time, athletes from Qatar will compete in the volleyball category during the Olympics this summer.

The team, led by their captain Jefferson Pereira, had to work hard to get this opportunity. Most of the team has been in Qatar for two years now and has been training for 18 months. It isn’t easy though, most people know about the physical training athletes have to go through but not the mental training. Pedro the team’s coach mentioned that the team had group therapy, constant check-ups and had team building exercises.

“Every good team these days no matter what sport has a therapist it’s not just for show or want it’s a necessity”

It was a single elimination round, meaning if you had lost a match you didn’t qualify and the team had a great run going against Iraq, Kazakhstan and China.


“It’s a dream come true for me going back to Brazil to play at the Olympics” said Jefferson about going back to Brazil.

Their coach Pedro said though he and some of the team members are from Brazil they will show no remorse and no mercy as they’ll be playing against their country but not their home.

The ILQ team here in Doha wishes all the best to the Qatar volleyball team for the battles to come in August. Drop in a message and wish the Qatar beach volleyball team all the luck for the Rio Olympics.