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Posted On: 17 October 2020 11:41 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:08 pm

Evolution Sports Qatar – Moving towards a better future through sports

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Evolution Sports – Moving towards a better future through sports

If you’ve been in Qatar a while, you’re bound to have heard of ‘Evolution Sports’ and even better, you may have children who are already taking part in their sports coaching, but if you haven’t or you’re relatively new here and don’t know about them, this is a great opportunity to get to know them better!

Once you get to know and understand what Evolution Sports is all about and why it’s one of Qatar’s top sports coaching organisations, you’ll be registering your children before you’ve even finished reading this!

All good things must begin from somewhere, so let’s start with an introduction to Evolution Sports which is fondly called Evo Sports!

Evo Sports – all stops out

Did you know that Evo Sports was selected as the ‘Best Youth Multi-Sports Coaching Company – Qatar 2019’ by GHP Fitness and nutrition awards? They got the award for their different coaching programmes that cater for everyone! They’ve also been named as one of the ‘Top 100 Marketing and Advertising Companies in the Region’. (Are you filling that registration form yet?)

Evo Sports has been in Qatar since 2007 and has only grown since then. Lots of enthusiasm, brimming with passion and some worn-out footballs and football shoes, are part of the legacy of the professional coaching team who have helped turn this into a leading multi-sports coaching organisation in Qatar.

Having recently moved to the new Doha College campus in Al Wajba, Evo Sports now has access to two full-size football pitches, outdoor netball and basketball courts, two indoor swimming pools and two indoor sports halls – and look forward to moving up to becoming the topnotch youth sports coaching organisation in Qatar and beyond.

Evo Sports is for everyone – no holds barred

The coaching sessions at Evo Sports offer something for everyone. It doesn’t matter if your child is a complete beginner or an advanced athlete; the sessions are designed and developed to ensure they challenge them to develop and hone their sporting skills and develop more confidence through a well-thought-out approach to sports coaching that put’s each individual child’s needs and requirements at the core of every session.

Evo Sports believes in inclusivity and helps people achieve exactly what they want to by getting involved. So, no matter what you want to get out of this coaching - be it developing enhanced skills, participating in team sports, getting fit, holiday sports camps or just having some good ‘ole fun - Evo Sports will take care of it!

Evolution Sports Qatar – Moving towards a better future through sports
Image credit: Evolution Sports Qatar

Evo Sports has something for everyone – no limits

Evo Sports has a range of sports which it coaches; you and your child/ren will be spoiled for choice:

  1. Evo Soccer… helps to develop football skills, knowledge and the essence of teamwork, and it’s one of Evo Sports most popular coaching programmes.
  2. Evo Swimming… offers outstanding swimming training and development complete with a family-friendly environment for children of all ages and levels.
  3. Evo Netball… is for girls only and provides safe - yet inspiring; friendly - yet professional - training that is complemented with competitive and recreational programmes.Evolution Sports Qatar – Moving towards a better future through sports
    Image credit: Evolution Sports Qatar
  4. Evo Basketball… provides player-centred coaching programmes that help players enhance their game, physically as well as mentally in a professional environment that’s friendly and filled with the fun and the run!
  5. Evo Archery… is one of the new programmes on the block and will help your child develop their mental and physical skills, be focussed and take them on a voyage of discovery.
  6. Evo Fencing… is the other new addition to Evo’s coaching programmes, so if your child fancies trying something new, this ancient sport could be just the thing.
  7. Evo Fit… is for the adults. Did you think Evo Sports had forgotten about you? Not a chance! There’s a bunch of programmes and memberships for the adults to choose from, and the best thing is there aren’t any hidden costs, no registration fee, and no contract to sign!

Did you think that’s all? Well, there’s one more rabbit in that hat of opportunities:

Evo Camps… Even when the schools are on a break, Evo Sports isn’t. So, when your child/ren is/are off from school, you know where to take them to keep them off the electronic devices and into some fun and sports to keep them busy, fit and healthy!

Evolution Sports Qatar – Moving towards a better future through sports
Image credit: Evolution Sports Qatar

Evo Sports - adapting to the ‘new normal’

Since the coronavirus (COVID-19) began in Qatar, Evo Sports has ensured the children don’t miss out on their favourite Evo activities. They’ve been providing live online sessions to keep the youngsters active and stay involved in the sports they like and enjoy, so they don’t miss out on further developing their skills and staying fit.

Want to know more about Evo Sports? Check out their website and register your child, or did you already do that before you read to the end?

You really don’t want to miss your chance to be a part of one of Qatar’s number one sporting providers and join the evolution today!


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