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Posted On: 22 March 2018 09:19 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:59 pm

Eight exciting obstacle courses waiting for you at the Esrar Race 2018!

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Esrar Race Cover

Back in its 2nd edition, Esrar Race 2018 will put sports and thrill seekers of all levels into physical and mental challenges to test their speed, agility, balance, and determination -- the English translation of the Arabic word 'Esrar.' Situated in the iconic Aspire Park, the sports event will consist of a 5 KM course that will incorporate 21 purpose-built obstacles over sand, grass, and hills.

Happening tomorrow morning (8 AM - 11 PM) and on Saturday, it is the first time that the race is running for 2 days. The event’s popularity last year prompted Aspire Zone Foundation (AZF) to add an additional category for men and women’s relay teams to last year’s individual races. More than 347 individual participants -- consisting of 144 men, 36 women, 90 of whom are Qataris -- and 108 team relay participants have registered to participate. The race's first edition back in March of last year saw more than 250 local and regional professional and amateur sports enthusiasts from Qatar and the entire Gulf region.

As AZF announced during the press conference that they have increased the number of obstacles from 14 to 21 this year, here are eight exciting and at the same time exhausting (by just looking at the images!) obstacle courses that are set to unleash the beast inside Esrar's brave registrants.

Ready to get that adrenaline pumped up?

1. The Low Wall

This is just a wall, which from the name itself is lower than the usual -- making it disqualified from being a normal one. There's no space to crawl underneath so the only way is to climb up, and descend on the other side!

2. The Leaning Wall

Just like the Low Wall, the only way to beat the Leaning Wall is to reach the apex in order to cross to the other side. But there are no mini stairs to help you on your way up. The life saver? A rope sturdy enough to push you up if you will help yourself!

3. The Bladder Ladder

Unlike the first two, the Bladder Ladder is not elevated, but there's free air in between to help you get through.

4. Mudder's Delight

We have reached the dirtiest and most exciting part of Esrar! Stride as if you're in the jungles of the Amazon when you cross the Mudder's Delight! Now you know why AZF never fails to remind its participants to wear appropriate shoes and bring extra shirts!

5. Sidewalk Shuffle

You also do this on several of major streets in Doha -- admit it! In Esrar, you can balance yourself freely and safely. You can even go back for another round if you want!

6. Killa G'rilla

You know the monkey bars on kids' playgrounds? Esrar's Killa G'rilla is a levelled-up version of that. Monkey, g'rilla... monkey, g'rilla... monkey, g'rilla... got the hang of it?

7. Tyre Mire

The Tyre Mire is just like a relay -- simple but full of loopholes!

8. Walk of Rain

Finally, get your self cooled down in the Walk of Rain -- one of the finales of the race!

Joining the man-made hurdles mentioned above are Barrel of Laughs, Container Detainer, The Big Squeeze, Leaning ZZ Hop, Netfix, Sandbagger Hill, Rolling Thunder, Splashdown, Updown Updown, and Zig Zag.

All obstacles were designed and built in-house by Aspire’s Logistics team. Some of the materials used were originally purchased for the 2006 Asian Games at Khalifa International Stadium, demonstrating AZF’s commitment to sporting legacy. AZF also designed the obstacle courses using eco-friendly recycled materials.

By following the race course, participants will also be able to explore Aspire Park itself, which hosts numerous global and local sporting events throughout the year thanks to its world-class indoor halls and outdoor facilities which are overseen and managed by a team of high-caliber event management professionals.

Since online registration is now closed, interested participants can still register their names at 6:00 AM before the first race begins.

About Esrar Race:

Registration for Timing Chip Collection & Waiver Signature Opens: 06:00 am
Registration for Timing Chip Collection & Waiver Signature Closes: half an hour prior to the start of the race
Prizes to be given away: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd placers of each category will receive medals (gold. silver, and bronze)
Car Parking: Aspire Park, behind Burgeri Restaurant
Washrooms: Available
Important notice for participants: Please bring extra clothing with you as AZF guarantees that you will not stay as clean as you started the race!

Don’t miss your chance to participate in this unique event!

Are you participating in tomorrow's Esrar Race? If your answer is yes, which obstacle course are you most thrilled for? Drop us a line in the comments below and don't forget to like and share this article -- it keep us going!

(Images courtesy of Aspire Zone's Facebook fanpage)