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Posted On: 16 July 2019 02:00 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:04 pm

Education City Stadium construction heading towards completion

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The Education City Stadium is heading towards completion. Once complete, the stadium will be a symbol of innovation, sustainability and progress for decades to come and will be one of the most prominent environmentally sustainable stadiums in the world.

The venue has a design that draws on the rich history of Islamic architecture, blending it with striking modernity. The facade features triangles that form complex, diamond-esque geometrical patterns, appearing to change colour with the sun's movement across the sky, and that's why it's been labelled the 'jewel of the desert'. Like diamonds, the stadium's design represents quality, durability and resilience, and will become something to be treasured, both for the memories it holds, and its future value to the country and region.

The stadium, located 12 km from the heart of GeometriDoha, will accommodate 40,000 spectators and will be located in the western part of the Education City's southern campus. It will overlook the most important main roads, starting with the southern Khalifa area to the coastal city of Dukhan.

The stadium will set an example for the use of intelligent building systems that conserves the energy of things such as automatic lighting and air conditioning units. The environmentally-friendly construction practices will also reduce the carbon footprint of the stadium, not just during the construction stage, but after its completion as well.

After the FIFA World Cup 2022, 20,000 seats from the stadium will be donated to developing countries where they will be used to help build stadiums, in cooperation with FIFA.

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All images credit: Road to 2022 Twitter Page