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Posted On: 28 January 2015 10:15 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:52 pm

Aspire Zone to celebrate Sport Day

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The Aspire Zone Foundation (AZF) will celebrate the fourth National Sport Day (NSD) on February 10 with a wide range of activities, it was announced yesterday.
Spanning throughout various locations at Aspire Zone, the celebration will feature a number of fun games and activities for children, young people, women, men and people with special needs, along with family-specific activities.
In 2011, an Emiri Decree was issued to designate the second Tuesday of every February as the National Sport Day. Since then, Aspire Zone has been committed to organising a variety of sporting events, drawing thousands of people of all ages to engage in entertaining physical activities within its exceptional facilities.
Qatar, along with India and Japan, is among the few countries that dedicate a national day for sport to highlight the importance of sport for healthy living.
Every year, AZF opens up its world-class venues to the community members to enjoy its facilities and services, thus giving them an incredible opportunity to involve in sports and physical activity.
Although AZF’s agenda is full of local, regional and international sporting events throughout the year, it dedicates the NSD to the community to exercise and explore new and interesting patterns of active healthy lifestyles.
Nasser Abdullah al-Hajri, a member of the AZF NSD Organising Committee said: “The relationship between NSD and Aspire Zone is really exceptional thanks to the correlation between the NSD’s mission and AZF’s mission and vision, both of which aim to improve the athletic performance and use sport, in general, as means for achieving development and openness to other cultures and changing human societies for the better. AZF is particularly aiming to promote sports and physical activity to inspire all community members to adopt active healthy lifestyles regardless of their health and fitness levels.”
This year, AZF will organise 10 different events planned for all members of the public. In addition, 24 major companies and organisations have chosen to celebrate the NSD at Aspire Zone; 14 of them will organise public events, while the rest will organise activities for their staff members and their families.
AZF will announce these events in more detail soon.
More information about AZF’s NSD event programme could be had from