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Posted On: 29 April 2016 04:04 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:56 pm

Aspire Zone Foundation unveils Ramadan programme of activities

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Aspire Zone Foundation (AZF) has unveiled its programme of activities for the holy month of Ramadan, which will take place for two weeks from June 10 to 24th (5-19 Ramadan). The programme introduces a package of varied and exclusive sports within the Ramadan Sports Festival (RSF), a variety of cultural activities in the renowned traditional village, “Freej Aspire”, and a select number of religious sermons and lectures offered in partnership with the Sheikh Thani Bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services (RAF).

Commenting on the programme announcement and current preparations, Mr. Abdullah Aman Al Khater, Chairman of the Ramadan Organising Committee at AZF, said: “The positive feedback on AZF’s festival during Ramadan last year and the yearly increase in turnout are clear indicators of the success of previous editions that aimed to raise awareness of the importance of participating in sports, cultural and religious activities during the holy month of Ramadan. This success has encouraged AZF to continue its efforts and offer more activities to members of our community that cater to their various needs. The Foundation is offering events for everyone during Ramadan, including men, women, children, and persons with special-needs. We wanted to make sure that the programme of activities meets the expectations of all family members and makes AZF their premier venue for all Ramadan-related sports, cultural and religious activities. All members of the community are welcome to get involved, whether by attending religious sermons, participating in sports events, or celebrating Qatari traditions at Freej Aspire”.

Experience a Different Ramadan at Aspire

In past editions of its Ramadan Sports Festival, AZF succeeded in reshaping Ramadan into an annual gathering that combined spiritual, physical and social activities. AZF’s facilities turn into a huge arena for all community members where they can find various activities that meet their aspirations.

As part of its efforts to raise awareness within the local community of the importance of physical activity during Ramadan, AZF will organize 13 sports events for men, women and children, including three newly-introduced sports. This year’s programme will also offer community members the opportunity to experience the traditional atmosphere of Qatari cultural at Freej Aspire, which houses a variety of traditional games and shops. Those interested in religious sermons will also have access to a series of lectures delivered by prominent scholars in partnership with Sheikh Thani Bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services (RAF).

Ramadan Sports Festival returns with 13 competitions, registration opens on May 5th

AZF will organise 13 sports competitions for all ages and categories this year to stress the importance of exercising and physical activity throughout the year. The aim of such a festival is to motivate sports and fitness enthusiasts to participate in Ramadan activities while taking into account their different interests.

Male sports competitions will include: basketball, 12 teams with 8 players per team for 5 days; football, 16 teams with 15 players per team for 8 days; volleyball, 8 teams with 9 players per team for 5 days; and beach soccer, 8 teams with 8 players per team for 5 days.

The Foundation has also dedicated three days for tennis competitions for adult and young females, as well as a Junior Futsal Competition, and two tournaments for AZF staff in futsal for males and volleyball for females. The multipurpose hall in the Aspire Dome will also host a table tennis tournament in three categories for persons with special needs.

Rugby and Cricket added to this year’s festival

In every new edition of the Ramadan Sports Festival, Aspire Zone Foundation introduces new tournaments as part of its efforts to accommodate as many members of the community as possible and cater to their various interests. The success of the past four editions of the Ramadan Sports Festival has driven the Foundation to grow the number and type of offered activities, which now include rugby, cricket and remote-controlled car racing. The Rugby tournament will witness the participation of eight teams of ten, while the cricket tournament will see six teams of nine battle it out over two-days.

Registration for the Ramadan Sports Festival begins on May 5th and continues until the end of the month. Tournaments will take place everyday from 9:30PM until midnight, and winners will be awarded prizes of varying values.

Traditions revived in “Freej Aspire”

Due to the unprecedented success of the first edition, Aspire Zone Foundation will be organising for the second consecutive year the “Freej Aspire”, which offers visitors a chance to experience and enjoy Qatari traditions in a delightful atmosphere. “Freej”, which draws upon Qatari culture in its design, is expected to welcome 3,000 visitors per day and offer several entertaining shows and activities for families and children. “Freej Aspire” is situated in Mehairja area, behind the Aspire Printing Press building, and will be open from the 10th of June until the 19th of June, where it will conclude in a joyous celebration of Garangao night.

Religious lectures and evenings in collaboration with “RAF”

Aspire Zone Foundation will also be hosting for the third consecutive year, in collaboration with the Sheikh Thani Ibn Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services (RAF), the “Bashaer Al-Rahma” Ramadan programme, which entails a series of Ramadan evenings and religious lectures for some of the most well-known Islamic clerics. The programme will take place over 11 nights in the Torch ballroom in Aspire Zone.

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Photo: Darren Martinez