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Posted On: 8 June 2015 08:22 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:53 pm

Aspire ‘Inside-Out Run’ Gathers 250 Community Members in a Fun, Friendly and Adventurous Event

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Aspire Zone hosted the 2rd edition of its annual “Inside-Out Run” on June 4. The event started at the Warm Up Track at 7 pm, during which 250 participants rana 5 Kilometer route around Aspire Zone finishing back at the starting point at 10 PM.

The run enabled numerous members of the community to explore some of Aspire Zone’s rarely seen areas in an adventurous, surprise route that was only announced on the same night of the event. Although there were no winners in this friendly run, complimentary gifts were given to each participant to commemorate the event.

The participants really enjoyed the event, and some even commented on their experience with Aspire Zone:

“This is not my first participation in Aspire Zone’s events. I have previously taken part in the previous annual run as well as the Aquathon series. I am really enjoying the sports here and love the great organization. I will be involving my children in upcoming activities and events for kids.” says Mr. Mohammed Farhat.

“I found out about this event through the Aspire Zone website. I have participated in previous activities here such as the Aquathon and Triathlon as well as other marathons within Aspire Zone’s agenda of events. I really love these events - the excitement, the fun, and the competitive vibe. I applaud Aspire on their successful efforts in involving the Qatari community in sports activities to promote a healthier lifestyle and improve our overall wellbeing. I also wish them the best of luck in their upcoming projects.” Commented Mr. Abdul Rahman Ahmed

“This is my second participation in the annual run, and I also took part in Aspire Torch Staircase Run. I found out about these activities through Twitter and Facebook I am very pleased with the events organized by Aspire Zone and am following up very closely with all the activities.” Says Mr. Thamer Al Kuwari

This event came as part of Aspire Zone’s continuous efforts to support fitness-centered lifestyles and sustain a healthy population by providing open facilities and a variety of year-round community-focused, world-class sports activities.

All those interested in taking part in any future community events at the Aspire Zone can visit our website on to find out more on upcoming activities.