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Posted On: 1 November 2016 08:20 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:57 pm

A Revving Adventure

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Khalid Al Jaber can be identified by one word – biker. This computer network engineer with his own film production company not only looks for a career with motorbikes, but identifies himself as a Solo Adventurer / Travel biker.

Here’s more on the man and his bike…

What does biking mean to you?

My love for motorcycles began at the age of 8 when I got to sit on a friend’s motorcycle; I promised myself right then, I would be a biker.
When I am on my bike, I believe I am working. Beyond the joy of riding, I hope to make a career working with motorcycles one day. It could involve travel and adventure motorcycling.

How important are safety measures for you?

It’s important enough that I wore my entire safety gear even while riding through the desert under the scorching, summer sun for weeks. Safety gear helps prevent 95% of the injury from an accident. Helmets alone are insufficient; safety is required for the entire body, so do use the right boots, pants, jackets and gloves.

Tell us about your plan to tour the world on your motorbike.

I’ve gone on several individual trips around the world to test my riding skills and improve my endurance. However, my dream is to tour the world on my BMW R1200 GS in 3 phases. This ‘West to West’ journey will involve heading west from Qatar and getting back to Qatar - heading west. I hope to have this filmed for a documentary.

Meanwhile there will be other riding adventures: I will be riding through the Silk Road soon - crossing the Old Silk road, which passes through 5 countries; South Africa is on my list too. Each trip requires different skills, which will eventually help me in my ‘West 2 West’ adventure.
Can’t wait to tell everyone, "I am leaving Qatar to head to Qatar!”

What’s been your favorite moment on the motorbike?

Reaching the Kunzum pass on the Tibetan Himalayas, (an altitude of 4600 meters) on my old rusty 2002 Royal Enfield, waiving the Qatar flag. To this end, I was inspired by my grandfather who while encouraging me to study would say: "Follow your dreams even if they are in Thuraya (meaning ‘stars’ in Arabic). Although I didn’t fully understand then, those words stuck with me until I realized ‘how far’ he encouraged me to follow my dreams; I named my two week trip to the Himalayas the ‘Thuraya Trip’ in his honour.