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Posted On: 11 February 2020 07:05 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:06 pm

9th edition of National Sport Day to be celebrated today in parks, arenas across Qatar

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The State of Qatar will celebrate the 9th edition of the National Sports Day on Tuesday, Feb. 11 by opening arenas and playgrounds that welcome everyone. The arenas and stadiums dedicated to the activities of the Sports Day receive tens of thousands of citizens and residents from all segments of society who practice sports of all kinds this time every year.

The celebration of National Sports Day is an implementation of the Amiri Resolution No. 80 of 2011, which stated that the Tuesday of the second week of February each year will be a national sports day and an official holiday, in which all those who live on this land are encouraged to participate in athletic activities. The first sports day was held in the State of Qatar in 2012.

Sports Day celebrations are distributed this year to nine different areas that encompass all parts of the country with the participation of more than one hundred institutions, including ministries, governmental bodies, sports clubs, academies, schools, and others. The organized activities include football, basketball, tennis, taekwondo, cycling, swimming, and walking, in addition to many free activities and recreational competitions available to everyone. The National Sports Day also focuses on the Qatari culture represented by the rowing championship with traditional Al Shawahef, acting as a reminder of Qatar's ancient sporting heritage and the role it has played in the country's most recent developments.

The primary goal of Sports Day is to promote sports and to educate the local population on ways to reduce health risks associated with an inactive lifestyle, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. The day is also viewed as an opportunity to bring communities closer together through sport, based on the sporting principles of team building, inclusion, and unity, participation, fitness, and health.

The State of Qatar's interest in sports is due to its awareness of the growing role of sports in creating a healthy individual who actively participates in the nation's march toward development, as sports are one of the most important pillars of Qatar's National Vision 2030. The State also believes that sports diplomacy complements the role of official diplomacy in building bridges of communication and bonds of love and cooperation between nations, in addition to deepening social and cultural ties between people.

Sports became a necessity in the lives of individuals. It is no longer a type of entertainment, as it became the first line of defense in front of many non-transitional diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity.

Sports became part of the human march since the dawn of history. People practiced it during childhood and early in life after standing and walking and receiving physical education classes.

Additionally, sports allowed generations to develop their personalities, raise morale and increase positive aspects and traits in individuals' lives and personalities, such as leadership, self-respect, discipline, and punctuality. Sports also teach how to won and accept loss with satisfaction and respect teammates in competing teams.

Qatar is the first country in the world to devote a day to sports, where citizens and residents participate to celebrate and learn about various sports and activities and their many benefits, which encouraged some global institutions and unions to copy this unique experience.

The committee of the National Sport Day has completed all the preparations for the launch of Sport Day activities in all regions of the country and also revealed the places designated for them by the Ministry of Culture and Sports to celebrate sporting activities on this day.

When a person plays sports, they don't waste their time in vain, but rather use their free time for a good deed that leads to always gaining activity and health. Sport increases intelligence by keeping the person fully alert at all times and not distracted, which gives the person the ability to make decisions and take advantage of time, no matter how short, and during difficult situations.

Sports become one of the best ways to get rid of stress and promote positive feelings, as it reinforces self-confidence through excelling in competitions and sports. Most of the popular sports and games are group activities and those that play individually have group models that make participants more comfortable with others, as they master communication skills and interactions with them. This, in turn, helps to work and deal with different people, who may have temperament and habits that contradict our customs and attributes. Group sports certainly teach people lessons that will benefit them for life.

Sports can be chosen as a profession and athletes are champions of national and international significance. They aspire to achieve championships for their countries, their people and their teams. They are role models for many and nations are proud of them all over the world, especially as millions of people across all continents are passionate about many and various sports that have local and international tournaments and competitions.

Sports are open to everyone, and various activities can take place either indoors or outdoors and can be practiced in the summer and winter, day or night. However, it is somewhat troubling that many adolescents between the ages of 13-17 in different regions of the world have physical abilities, but only about 40 percent of them are involved in sports activities. The downward trend in this aspect is expected to continue because today's youth have moved their activities to the online world, where they only need hand and finger movements on a computer keyboard or mobile, and this places urgent responsibilities on parents, family, and society to change and correct this pattern of behavior.

Walking is the most beautiful sport; it is free and easy to do anytime, anywhere and has many health benefits for people of all ages. Walking helps in burning extra calories, which in turn helps in maintaining or reducing weight, strengthening the heart muscle and reducing blood sugar, especially if practiced daily. Walking enhances the human immune system in a way that protects it from infectious diseases such as cold and influenza and contributes to mental health, which helps reduce anxiety, depression, and negative moods.

Walking may help clear the brain and think creatively, with some studies showing that results are often better when a person thinks and seeks solutions while walking outdoors.

To stay safe while walking, pedestrian areas should be selected, as well as well-lit if possible. If walking is at night or early in the morning hours, a reflective jacket must be worn in order to be seen by cars. The person must drink lots of water before and after walking in order to stay hydrated, and sunscreen must be worn, even if walking during cloudy days.

Source: Qatar News Agency