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Posted On: 21 December 2017 05:09 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:59 pm

10 sports to try in Qatar this winter!

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Are you enjoying the changing weather yet? Relaxing in the cool breeze? Well, this means we can start abandoning the gym and exercise under the clear blue sky! Put on your dancing shoes - or running shoes - and get moving! Can’t think of anything fun to do? Why don’t you worry – we’ve got a sport for everyone!

No one can say that Qatar doesn’t offer plenty of opportunities to workout! A lot of wind today? Make the most of it with watersports, or have fun doing something new with your friend! Are you ready? Here’s our outdoorsy roundup!

1. Form a running group

This isn’t as boring as it sounds and is actually a great way to bond with friends new and old! Get together with a couple of friends and jog through one of the many beautiful parks in Qatar. For special running paths, choose one of the jogging routes at Aspire Park.

(Photo credit: I Love Qatar)

2. Sail away!

If you want to go fast or slow it doesn’t matter! Once you’re on that sailing boat you’re one with the wind. Let the sun shine on your skin – just don’t forget sunscreen, even in the winter! I couldn’t imagine a more enjoyable afternoon! At the Regatta Sailing Academy at Katara in West Bay Lagoon, you can book classes and races for youth and adults, or even rent a boat for QR 100-200 per hour.

3. Play basketball

Nice to be able to go back out to the courts! Play a little b-ball with your friends, or even one of Qatar’s clubs. Qatar Foundation has got some great basketball courts – so if you like team sports, then this is for you!

4. Enjoy yoga

What type of yoga do you enjoy? Vinyasa, Astanga, Yin or Beginners yoga? I don’t think anyone would say no to yoga outside! Yoga always involves a lot of breathing and we’d rather breathe the air outside! Clear your mind with yoga this winter!

(Photo credit: I Love Qatar)

5. Join a dragon boat team

Combining two great things, water sports and team sports, dragon boat racing is rhythmic, fun, and effective! You can also do this as a family activity! Want to get involved? Reach out to Qatar Dragon Boat!

6. Diving

Now that it isn’t so hot anymore, diving also becomes more fun. Have you got any idea what lives under the sea here in Qatar? Maybe not Ariel the Little Mermaid, but you’d be surprised to find a couple of her friends. Check out the Poseidon Diving Center, the Qatar Scuba Center, or Qatar Divers for classes!

7. Kite-surfing

Kite-surfing is another fantastic watersport that promises wind, water, speed, and thrills. The Flora Kite-Surfing School offers classes for beginners and advanced surfers. It takes a while to get the hang of things – but once you do, it’ll be non-stop fun!

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8. Golf

Have you been golfing before? You may not think it’s a sport, but there’s a lot of walking back and forth involved. The golf course is beautiful in the winter, and after a day on the course you’ll feel like you’ve had a full workout. Have you checked out the Doha Golf Club yet?

9. Ride a bicycle

Did you know you can rent bicycles at many parks in Doha? Yes, even for adults! Race your friends or family on the weekend. Did you know that you can now rent bikes from MIA Park? How cool is that? I mean, when was the last time you cycled?

10. Swimming

Don’t underestimate a good swim! Take the kids to the beach or head to a temperature-controlled pools, but don’t miss out on a nice, refreshing swim this winter. In Qatar bikini-season is all-year round!

What winter sports do you enjoy in Qatar? It may not be skiing, but the weather does give opportunity to a broader range of activities with friends and family. Have you missed a must-do sport for the winter in this list!

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(Words by Sarah Schroeder)

(Cover image and all additional images courtesy of iStock by Getty Images)