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Posted On: 14 August 2017 12:00 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:58 pm

Top 5 relatable hijabi struggles!

ILQ Staff
ILQ Staff
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You can find girls wearing the hijab all around the world in different designs, colors and patterns. Each hijabi has her own reasons for sporting her cover-up, and her own unique style. What you probably didn’t know, though, is that there are some universal struggles that all hijabis face.


1.The pin-struggle: Every hijabi is familiar with this one. Whether it’s a safety pin, or those multi-colored needle-like pins we stick into our headscarves, it’s a task to get them to stay the way we want them to. Sometimes tucking them under our neck, and others, having a head full of pins and having every passerby ask: “OMG, doesn’t that hurt?”

Oh, and sometimes forgetting how many pins you put in only to realize when one of them gets left behind and scars you for life. Literally. Congratulations if you’ve reached that stage of your hijab-life where you no longer need pins and can get your scarf to behave without them. And the rest, can pin(e) away.


2. Bad-hijab days: Just because we can’t have bad-hair days, doesn’t mean we don’t have bad hijab days! We all know that one scarf that refuses to sit right and either makes you look bald, stays on too tight or keeps sliding off. And sometimes, it just looks plain weird. You’d think it’s as easy as throwing on a hat, but it really isn’t. Hijabis need to put in work too, people! Instead of straightening irons and curling wands, we just need to keep a lot of pins and a few backup scarves handy.

3. Physical activity: Working out, going for a run, or even going out for a day of outdoor fun means securing your scarf onto your head with enough pins to set off a metal detector. Ever decided to head off to an amusement park? Make sure you are one with your hijab or there’s a good chance it’s going to fly off when that rollercoaster flips upside down.


4. Shopping troubles: Girls, you all know what I’m talking about when I say it’s difficult for us to go shopping and find something we like while also making sure it helps us stay covered. How many times have you looked at a cute dress only to try it out and find two thigh-high slits in it? Or absolutely loved a top but had to let it go because it was sleeveless and you couldn’t find a cardigan or jacket to go with it? But most times, we’ll just buy it anyway and find a way to make it work. Being a hijabi just makes you creative with fashion. It’s one of the many perks.

5. The non-mahram struggle: Scarves off, you’re enjoying a chill night at one of your girlfriends’ houses when you hear her yell, “My brother’s home!” The next few minutes are a blur of screaming girls and frantic searching and wrapping of fabric around their heads. And those that weren’t quick enough to grab a scarf are stuck awkwardly wrapping their head in a blanket or someone’s jacket. Anything to keep it halal.


These are just some of the day-to-day struggles that you may not know hijabis dealt with. But at the end of the day, girls everywhere will continue to rock the hijab like the queens that they are!