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Posted On: 21 February 2019 10:51 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:03 pm

Toddler Health & Wellness Conference: Making toddler life easy!

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So you thought having a baby was tough…and then you’re hit with the toddler years! Cue the tantrums, sleep woes, picky eating, tears at nursery drop off, sickness after starting nursery/school, traveling becomes harder and household management begins to take a backseat.

As part of their corporate social responsibility, Australian Starfish Lane Kids, Doha’s leading nursery has put together another Non Profit event in what will be an all round Toddler focussed day. The Toddler Health & Wellness Conference will showcase leading professionals as well as parenting and childcare experts and will be held on Saturday 2 March at the Marriott Marquis City Centre Hotel. Also speaking at the event will be several of Doha’s top Mum bloggers, sharing their parenting experiences and tips.

Maryanne Sayers and Steph Gouin who are both International Professional Sleep Consultants for Babies & Children, will also be flying in from Australia to present at the conference. Both Maryanne and Steph will cover various areas of sleep but also let parents know how to “Get it right from Day 1” and the importance of sleep for your children. Parents wishing to make an appointment with either of the sleep consultants over the space of their week's stay while in Doha will have access to a booking form which will be available at the event.

The morning session of the conference will cover the topics - baby and toddler sleep, travelling with a toddler, the importance of one on one Time with your toddler, baby and toddler milestones and screen time substitutions.

The afternoon session will cover the topics - toddler nutrition, hectic household management, toddler illnesses, the image of a mum, separation anxiety and toddler tantrums and aggression.

Speaking about the event, Amanda Tinnin, a certified PCI Parent Coach and presenter for the Tantrums and Anger topic on the day, says "Parenting events like the Toddler Health & Wellness Conference are important because not only do they provide a sense of direction for parents and local resources to help them during these integral early years - it is extremely stressful for parents to transition from a seemingly compliant, immobile infant to a terrific toddler who is making sense of the world and asserting her beautiful independence - but they also provide a chance to gain a like-minded village. So many of us here in Doha are parenting in a new way and have few circles that reflect positive parenting and educational practices. It is a massive time of growth for the child, the parent, and our global understanding of best parenting practices and we all need a little help to make it through!”

Kimberley Sheedy, Starfish Lane Kid’s CEO believes parent education workshops provide an essential foundation for parents and positions new families for success. “Whether you are expecting a baby or your little one has already hit toddlerhood, having knowledge will equip and facilitate your experience and give you greater enjoyment of your children. We are very excited about this non-profit event coming in March. We are extremely grateful to the speakers* who provide their services and expertise on the day free of charge and our sponsors*, both without which this event would not have been possible. Starfish Lane Kids, our sponsors, presenters and partners are all working hand in hand to help the Doha community on the wellness of their little ones".

For more information and to register for the event, visit

Source: Press Release