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Posted On: 29 May 2019 09:52 am
Updated On: 29 May 2019 11:16 am

PHCC to open specialized centers and cardiology clinics

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Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) ongoing commitment is to provide a wide range of medical services with highest standards through its 27 health centers. The number of health center will increase in future as construction of new health centers will be completed by end of 2021 and will be announced later. The geographical locations of these health centers is selected carefully to cover most areas of Qatar.

Executive Director of Operations Dr Samya Ahmad Al Abdallah expressed that Primary Health Care Corporation is constantly developing all services to build an integrated, comprehensive, and modern system for primary health care under guidance of Qatar wise leadership. In this context, Primary Health Care Corporation is keen to continue this development and introduce diversified and patient-centered medical services that fit the needs of all patients and in accordance with the National Health Strategy.

Accordingly, PHCC launched "Regional Specialized Centers-RSCs". The core idea of this new project is about consolidating several specialist services into eight selected health centres. Each of these centres will accept internal medical referrals of patients from other health centres according to their geographical locations. These specialised services will include Ophthalmology, Optometry, Dermatology, ENT, Audiology, Mental Health, and Memory Clinics.

This project will allow PHCC to increase the number of clinics in morning and evening shifts and provide patients with easier access to their desired services at the time they need it. Reducing the waiting times of appointments at secondary care will also be one of the advantages.

As for Physiotherapy, this service will be available at 11 health centers on daily basis in both morning and evening shifts. However, it will only be available on Saturday morning shift at weekends.

These Specialized Regional Centers will now include: Al Thumama HC, Rawdat Al Khail HC, Leabaib HC, Muaither HC, Qatar University HC, Umm Slal HC, and Al Wajbah HC. Also, the upcoming Al Mashaf New Health Center will be operating as a Specialized Regional Center after the opening during 2021.

Dr Samya Al Abdallah added in the same context about introducing new medical services, that PHCC is currently working on introducing a new "Cardiology Clinic" in near future. This clinic will be added to PHCC's range of unique specialized services to provide the best diversified package of services in the region to all Qatar community members. PHCC has launched a pilot for a new specialized "Cardiology Clinic" in both of Leabaib and Rawdat Al Khail health centres. This clinic will take care of people with Cardiovascular Disease and associated morbidities within primary care aspects of first diagnose, referral, follow-up of treatment, and providing consultation

This new service is a result of the continuous joint cooperation between Primary Health Care Corporation and the Heart Hospital, which is part of the greater "Better Together" program between PHCC and Hamad Medical Corporation that Heart Hospital belongs to.

The Cardiology Clinic will provide a preventive service to patients and community members by providing comprehensive awareness to all patients about cardiovascular diseases, how to avoid all related risk factors and how to deal with symptoms if they occur.

The PHCC Cardiology Clinic will receive cases of stable cardiac patients who predominantly discharged recently from Heart Hospital or other hospitals. The clinic will continue monitoring their case and provide all necessary consultations and follow-ups to keep their cases stabilised. The clinic will also receive new patients who were referred from the GP or Family Physician with an initial diagnose, further investigate their cases, confirm them, and then do any necessary urgent referral to the Heart Hospital for the cases that needs immediate treatment.

At the moment the current implementation plan is to gradually roll out the Cardiology Clinic to other selected health centres, the date to start this plan and the selected health enters will be announced in near future.

Dr Samya Al Abdallah added: "Timely access to high-quality care is a Key priority in primary care, and these developments represents a significant achievement in enhancing all pathways". Dr Samya also emphasised that Primary Health Care Corporation is constantly working with diligence through all health centers to serve all patients and deliver a diversified package of health services for them in accordance with Qatar National Health Strategy, and Qatar 2030 Vision.

Source: QNA