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Posted On: 1 April 2020 09:36 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:07 pm

Nasser Al Attiyah: staying fit and positive amidst the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is vital

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Nasser Al Attiyah is a Red Bull Qatar athlete, Qatar's Rally Champion and Prince of the Dunes and amidst the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in Qatar, he's getting to spend a lot more time with his family, and doing lots of other things he doesn't normally have the time for. Let's find out more about Nasser's daily routine during this critical time and stay positive.

Why should everyone pay close attention to Qatar government's advisory on staying at home at a time like this?

Nasser Al Attiyah: It is important for all Qataris and residents in Qatar to abide by the recommendations from the government to stay home and stay safe at the time being. The government is taking all preventive measures to stop the transmission of the disease, focused on one common goal, the safety and health of all people in Qatar.

Describe your day in self quarantine, what is your daily routine and how are you investing this time at home in something positive?

    Nasser Al Attiyah: I'm spending my time at home with the family and kids. As for the daily routine, I make sure I have a dedicated time for a home workout every day. I'm also taking this chance to assist my children with their home schooling. Might surprise you that I also love cooking and taking some time to cook some recipes I love and even coming up with new ones 😊.

    What is your advice to residents living in Qatar on how to maintain fitness at home?

      Nasser Al Attiyah: It’s extremely important to stay active while in quarantine. Well-being is not something we should neglect at all. We can still workout at home if we have some gym equipment available. If not, we can always opt for body weight exercises or be creative in using some home items as a substitute. Sports is very important not only for our physical well-being, but also for our mental health as it’s a major way to help release the stress we are facing at the moment.

      What other activities are you doing at home that you would like to share with your fans?

        Nasser Al Attiyah: I always make sure to stay connected with the audience and my fellow athletes through my social media platforms on Instagram and Snapchat and we have our chats, share our dailies and keep each other updated.

        Since athletes need international competitions to stay in top form, what will you do stay in good form without competition?

          Nasser Al Attiyah: Its important to keep on looking at the positive side of things. As such, I focus on investing this time at home to take a look back at previous competitions and rallies I took part in and how can I make my sportive performance better when we are back into competition mode.

          How did this lockdown and the cancellation of the 2020 Rally Competitions season affect your preparations for the 2020 season and your ambitions and plans for the year, especially after the strong start with Dakar Rally and winning Oman Rally (MERC) and Qatar Cross Country Rally (FIA CCRWC)?

            Nasser Al Attiyah: It's only normal that the preventive measure being taken globally now due to CoronaVirus are affecting the Sports in general and motorsports in specific for us. However, gratefully, we had started the year on a strong note with the 2nd place at Dakar Rally, First Place at Rally of Oman, and First Place at Qatar Cross Country Rally. We hope this global pandemic will be under control soon and fast enough countries and federation will quickly get back to organizing rallies and competitions be it the Middle East Rally Championship or the FIA Cross Country Rallies World Cup.

            Is the current period affecting athletes more or other people and how?

              Nasser Al Attiyah: The pandemic doesn’t really differentiate between an athlete and another human. It’s a threat that targets us all. That’s why all people should take all precautions and preventive measures seriously, make sure to stay clean and healthy, and abide by the governments rules and regulations on the fight against this pandemic.

              What are your thoughts on the postponement of the Olympics games?

                Nasser Al Attiyah: I am definitely a supporter of the decision taken by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in regard to the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics 2020 to the summer of 2021. This decision stems from the main concern of the IOC in regards to the health and safety of all athletes competing from all countries around the world and providing these athletes with the right and suitable competition environment for the Olympics experience to be a perfect one.


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