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Posted On: 3 December 2019 09:06 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:06 pm

Ministry of Public Health embarks on national research agenda for diabetes

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The Ministry of Public Health and its partners are developing a national research agenda on diabetes and its complications, which intends to address the risk factors for diabetes and cardiovascular diseases in Qatar through targeted local research. The research agenda will address both basic science and clinical and translational research in diabetes.

Research is one of the six pillars of Qatar National Diabetes Strategy 2016-2022 in addition to awareness and prevention, patient empowerment, care delivery, human capability and capacity building, information management pillars.

As part of the development of the diabetes research agenda under research pillar of the National Diabetes Strategy researchers, clinical experts, university and institutional leaders representing QNRF, QBRI, QDA, QU, QCRI, HBKU, WCMQ, SIDRA Medicine, PHCC and HMC gathered for a landmark workshop, organized by the Ministry of Public Health.

The workshop aimed to identify key gaps in knowledge and implementation of research that aims to understand, prevent, and treat diabetes and atherosclerotic cardiovascular risk factors. The event, led by Professor Shahrad Taheri, member of the National Diabetes Committee and chairman of its research subcommittee, and Professor Nicholas Wareham of the University of Cambridge, UK, discussed increased collaboration and sharing of expert knowledge and the development of future researchers to ensure research continuity and maximization of resources.

The Director of Public Health at the Ministry of Public Health Sheikh Dr. Mohammed Bin Hamad bin J. Al-Thani stated that: "the National Diabetes Strategy has set the roadmap for diabetes prevention and care for Qatar. The aim is to develop a comprehensive research agenda that directly addresses a serious health problem in Qatar. We are delighted to have the expertise and support in Qatar to conduct key research that will improve our populations health as well as advance science."

The Co-Chair of the Qatar National Diabetes Committee Professor Abou-Samra said: "the National Diabetes Strategy is already being implemented to improve patient care. With the development of the research agenda, Qatar will be able to focus on key areas of research that will allow the best care and science to be embedded into healthcare. With the national research strategy, Qatar can maximize the use of its resources and expertise for years to come".

Commenting on the workshop, Chair of the National Diabetes Research Subcommittee Dr. Shahrad Taheri, said: "there is already a wealth of excellent research with significant funding support in Qatar. Once the research agenda is in place, researchers and funders can concentrate on areas of research that will have direct impact on disease prevention and treatment. Participation in the workshop has been enthusiastic and input from senior officials and researchers shows the strong will in Qatar to deliver research excellence.

Source: QNA