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Posted On: 27 September 2020 12:00 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:08 pm

Health and wellness as a lifestyle

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As relayed By Zulal Wellness Resort Expert- Kirstie Chisholm - Health and Wellness Director

Social trends have been emerging drastically, and many people have taken on wellness as a trend rather than a lifestyle. But it is important to remind ourselves that wellness is not just a buzzword that would die out in weeks or months but is rather a commitment to reconsidering life-choices and looking at the world more positively.

Things to consider before you hop on the latest health trend

One of the main trends is the ones that involve removing something from the diet like sugar, dairy, or grains. These trends seem to contain the message that changing your diet will change your health and possibly improve all of your health issues. Being in a state or belief of deprivation isn’t very healthy overall as it can create conflict between the mind and body. One way to combat this is before removing things from your lifestyle is to consider and plan what new wonderful things you are going to bring into your life. Focusing on this can often make the process of change easier.

The other issue is that people tend to view these trends as a ‘one size fits all’, and only focus on improving one aspect of health rather than being truly holistic. So generally speaking, these trends can be very encouraging however, it’s important to always be a bit discerning before adopting a specific trend and doing the necessary research first. Ask yourself these questions to help you assess whether the next enticing health trend will really work for you:

  1. Is this trend holistic?
  2. Does it work with my lifestyle?
  3. Is this change cost-effective for me?
  4. Could I sustain this in the long run?

So, when will wellness become a lifestyle?

For me, this means when wellness practices (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) become a way of life rather than something forced. The concept of wellness may be vague, so in order for us to live, love and breathe wellness, we must first understand its main elements and how they can be incorporated into our daily lifestyle. It is also important to have a holistic and balanced approach and give attention to mental and emotional health as much as physical health.

The paradigm of wellness comprises of:

  • Good sleep and regular sleeping patterns
  • Staying hydrated with sugar and caffeine-free drinks
  • Eating plenty of nutrient-rich foods
  • Reducing or eliminating stimulants
  • Regular exercise or physical movement
  • Creating a support system with people you can talk to about your thoughts and feelings
  • Being creative or giving your mind something positive to focus on
  • Identifying your stressors and finding ways to reduce them
  • Having a daily spiritual practice (if this fits with your belief system)

While simple components can help people adapt to new healthy lifestyles, side effects of adopting these changes may arise. To avoid conflict between the mind and the body, researching, planning and focusing on one thing at a time can help people accept change easier and transition into a whole new lifestyle at a smoother pace.

The consumption of nutrient-dense foods, fruits and vegetables may outline a healthy diet, but reconsidering the ways of cooking meals, avoiding cravings and including immune boosters play a greater role in ensuring a healthy balanced diet. New cooking techniques include but are not limited to overcooking, eating rawer and fresher foods and introducing friendly bacteria that help with digestion.

Moreover, cravings must be avoided by reprograming our brains to associate situations with healthy choices like introducing foods and drinks that boost the immune system such as vegetable juices and smoothies and herbal teas and herbal infusions.

Integrating healthy choices in your diet must also be accompanied by regular exercise, which is essential in maintaining physical health and well-being. Studies have proved that exercise has a direct impact on mental and emotional wellbeing, with many people experiencing improved moods after exercise, which is due to the release of endorphins in the body. This can help to maintain balance throughout our body systems.

Remember, your wellness journey is not about being perfect, it is about finding the right balance that will allow you to enjoy the benefits of making the right choices for your body, mind and spirit.

Words by Zulal Wellness Resort Expert- Kirstie Chisholm - Health and Wellness Director


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