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Posted On: 13 February 2018 10:00 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:59 pm

Food and fitness in Qatar with Reem Al-Muftah

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Reem Al-Muftah is a Qatari wellness and fitness advocate with a passion for healthy living. On this Qatar National Sport Day, Reem shares her experience on maintaining a healthy lifestyle in Qatar.

(Photo credit: Reem Al-Muftah)

ILQ: How did you become interested in health and fitness?

RAM: As a young child I always felt an interest towards sports and jumped at every opportunity to try activities such as football, basketball, and tennis. Then the competitive gene kicked in as an adult and I progressed to fitness and gym training. Now I share my motivation as a wellness advocate and influencer on social media @keys2balance.

ILQ: What does fitness mean to you?

RAM: Fitness means the overall state of physical health. So, the average level of fitness would be the level at which a human should be able to successfully complete the basic daily tasks of natural survival. To me, the ability to imagine yourself surviving alone in a camp, having to take care of yourself is key, and I believe every human should try to achieve, develop, and maintain this level of fitness to live a longer, happier, and healthier life. Prevention is the key.

ILQ: How do you keep fit?

RAM: I keep fit by maintaining physical activity throughout my daily routine. I also try my hardest to maintain a well-balanced diet full of natural and wholesome food.

(Photo credit: Reem Al-Muftah)

ILQ: What’s your daily food routine?

RAM: Generally, I have a two-part breakfast where I start with a cup of hot water and lemon juice followed by slices of whole fruit and juice. After an hour I have some protein such as avocado salad, beans or chickpeas, and then as much fresh and local ingredients as possible for lunch. Throughout the day, I like dried fruits, nuts, or dark chocolate to munch on. Finally, dinner is a light meal full of protein and lean fiber. My latest guilt-free snack is store-bought dark chocolate pretzels that are just to die for and called Bark Thins from Mega Mart.

ILQ: What’s your daily fitness routine?

RAM: In the morning I like to start with a gym session and maintain a balanced and positive flow of exercise and activities throughout the day until bedtime.

ILQ: What’s your favourite fitness activity?

RAM: My favourite fitness activity is definitely spending quality time alone in the gym because I can maintain my focus more easily and feel instant wellness rewards.

I also love going out to one of my favourite spots here in Qatar for a deliciously balanced and guilt-free snack such as a yummy protein chia bowl.

(Photo credit: Reem Al-Muftah)

ILQ: Is it easy for people to get fit in Qatar?

RAM: For sure! People have so many options to take advantage of! This beautiful country offers many great outdoor and natural wonders such as the beach, desert, parks, tracks, centers, gyms, and pretty much everything you could ask for. Is there room for improvement? Yes, but that’s because we always want to get better as the world continues to develop.

ILQ: What will you be doing on Qatar National Sport Day?

RAM: I’ll be hitting the gym early, enjoying a super-food breakfast, and heading to Losail International Circuit to give a Balanced Lifestyle Workshop and Female Body Shaping Class at 10:00 a.m. for their ladies-only event. After, I plan on enjoying a relaxed evening with the family. But don’t forget to check out their awesomely action-packed day of activities!

ILQ: Finally, what tips could you give to get fit in Qatar?


  • Stay hydrated - always drink water
  • Stay positive - mental health is just as important
  • Spend time in nature – make the most of Qatar’s great outdoors

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