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Posted On: 10 October 2021 09:00 am
Updated On: 10 October 2021 02:22 pm

5 biggest benefits of Dental Implants

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After their introduction over 40 years ago, dental implants quickly changed the quality of life for millions of patients. No other dental restoration even comes close to the powerful combination of function and esthetics given through dental implants. But one aspect often overlooked is the benefits to the oral health status of patients treated with implants.

We've created a shortlist of the 5 biggest health benefits to be expected from dental implants.

1. Maintaining a healthy diet

    Broken, lost or loose teeth undoubtedly prevent people from enjoying some of their favourite fiber-rich foods, such as apples, carrots and many other fruits and vegetables. Dental implants reestablish a normal chewing function and also help with digestion by helping the patient to properly shred his or her food.

    A healed dental implant offers trustworthy stability even surpassing that of natural, healthy teeth by a multiple. Most importantly the newfound stability gives the patient confidence and comfort in regards to one of the most essential things there is – eating.

    2. Keep other teeth from shifting

      If a tooth gets lost (regardless the reason), neighboring and directly opposing teeth slowly but constantly start to shift into the new gap. Unfortunately, this happens in an unorderly manner with the neighboring teeth tilting into the gap and loosing their actual purpose. The opposing teeth elongate out of their place in the opposing jaw, typically leading to a multitude of successive problems.

      With dental implants in place, these shifts are no longer possible which effectively prevents further collateral damage.

      3. Keeping your jawbone in place

        In case of tooth loss, the part of the jawbone that once surrounded the tooth collapses in a few weeks to months. After this, it doesn’t get better. Unloaded jaw bone slowly decreases by volume and density due to a phenomenon called “atrophy of disuse”.

        Dental implants can stop this process early on since they will keep the bone active and healthy by keeping it loaded and therefore “active”. This can be regarded as an implant-exclusive feature since no other dental work can directly stimulate the bone.

        4. Dental implants for maintaining your self-esteem

          Dental implants are one of the best ways to get back to a confident, full smile after losing teeth. According to studies, people who aren’t happy with their smile will subconsciously smile less and less intense. This stresses the importance of a confident smile for both your inner happiness and outer perception.

          5. Dental implants don’t get tooth decay

            Considering that dental or tooth decay is responsible for a vast amount of tooth failures, it surely is comforting to know that dental implants, due to their material properties can not develop any form of decay.

            With that being said, dental implants still demand special hygienic attention from both the patient and his dentist or implantologist.

            Patients should carefully select their implant practitioner of trust by several standards. The most important question every patient should be aware of can be summed up with“ does my implantologist also offer a dedicated implant maintenance and cleaning plan?”

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            Written by Dr. Dominique Laatz MSc. MSc. (German Dental & Dermatology Center)