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Posted On: 7 November 2011 12:37 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:11 pm

Youngsters prefer cash to bank cards

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DOHA: Qatari youngsters prefer cash to prepaid bank cards as Eid gift by their parents and relatives on occasions like Eid and Garangaw even in this high-tech era. Cash gifts make children happier than bank cards, a local Arabic daily has reported. Eid gifts should be given away in cash not as bank cards to children, said Umm Khalid, a Qatari citizen. Qatari community is still sticking to its old customs and traditions in this regards, and my daughters preferred to take cash to bank cards, said the lady citizen. She added that despite advanced technology and generation change, children still liked cash gift more than bank card. “I never gave bank cards to my children as gifts but the idea is not bad for teenagers,” said another citizen Khalid Al Ammari. He added “the younger -15 years old and above- should be given such opportunity to learn how to deal with bank which might make them responsible and confident, but miner children should be gifted cash because the bank card is almost useless for them.” Fahad Mohammad Al Muraikhi, a 14 years old boy, said that he liked Eid gifts in cash not bank card because it is easy for him to handle. Another same aged boy, Hamid Al Jabiri, said that he never get bank card as Eid gift and he is not going to accept it at all. However, Maha Mohammad, a 15-year-old-girl, said that she became sick of traditional way to get Eid gifs in cash. “I would prefer bank card because the world became advanced now so the old method of gifts distribution should be changed,”said Maha. I have been getting Eid gifts in cash from my family and relatives, however, idea of prepaid bank card has exited me but I think it is impractical in some cases, said Abdul Wahab Hamad Al Mutawwah, a 17-year-boy. “What I have to do when I want to purchase any thing from a shop which does not accept card, then I get lost.” said Al Mutawwah. The Peninsula