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Posted On: 31 August 2011 04:28 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:11 pm

World petroleum meeting’s official schedule unveiled

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The organising committee of the 20th World Petroleum Congress (20th WPC) has issued its updated official programme, which is now available for download at The 20th World Petroleum Congress will take place at the Qatar National Convention Centre (QNCC) in Doha from December 4 to 8. The 20th WPC team, which has travelled across the world to secure the support and participation of industry stakeholders said it has been ‘enthused by the response’, received from top industry executives, many of whom will be panel participants and speakers at the 20th WPC. Ali Al-Sidiky, Congress Programme Committee National Representative (Qatar) said, “We have been introducing the State of Qatar as host of the 20th WPC on our trips to leading international oil and gas industry events. During these trips, the WPC programme has always stimulated interest. With the conference just a few months away, and speaking opportunities almost completely allocated, we are still receiving a lot of interest from key industry experts who would like the opportunity to participate as speakers. Therefore, while releasing the latest congress programme to the delegates, on behalf of the organising committee and the host Qatar Petroleum, I would like to thank Renato Bertani, chair of the Congress Programme Committee and the whole team for their remarkable efforts.” The 20th WPC programme is designed by a specialist team of senior experts comprising an elected programme committee chair with some 11 representatives nominated by the World Petroleum Council as well as experts nominated by the national committees. The Congress Programme Committee responsible for the 20th WPC also has three members from the region -- from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Iran. Al-Sidiky said, “The programme is designed to address the most important issues in the energy sector today and elicit constructive responses from people who specialise in these specific subjects. The World Petroleum Congress has always been privileged to hear their opinions. Some of these opinions voiced at previous WPCs have grown into much greater ideas that have helped shaped global energy circles in unimaginable ways.” Since Madrid hosted the 19th edition of the WPC in the summer of 2008, much has changed in the world of energy. With the current WPC programme, delegates will hear more about how innovation, collaboration and key strategic investment have changed the global energy landscape. New technology has made the transport of fuel, condensates and other products to global locations more efficient, while modern reservoir management and recovery solutions are changing the way the world procures and preserves energy. As a result, the industry’s long list of best practices has become longer, ultimately benefiting the world. This is important too, particularly to delegates at the 20th WPC, which is why one of the major features at each WPC is the inclusion of best practice presentations in every block topic discussed. “Oil and gas are omnipresent in the global energy value chain and so are the members of the World Petroleum Council who represent over 95% of all entities in the global market. We are also proud to say that the panelists and speakers at the 20th WPC are undeniably among the most prominent experts in the world,” said al-Sidiky. “When the brightest minds in the world tell stories of trial, error and eventual success, you can be sure that people will listen,” he said. Almost 2,000 high quality papers have been submitted for the 24 technical forum sessions at the WPC, which are distributed into five blocks -- natural gas, new exploration and production frontiers and technologies, innovations in the downstream, complementary energy sources and industry commitment to sustainability. Around 100 of these papers will be presented at the Congress. The technical programme also includes a broad variety of posters, round tables, special sessions, best practice keynotes and plenary sessions with the confirmed participation of high rank industry and government authorities.