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Posted On: 21 October 2013 12:06 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:13 pm

Woman held in India over fake ‘recruitment’ drive for Qatar firms

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At least one woman has been arrested while police are on the look out for other members of her team who held large-scale fake “recruitment” in some of the Indian cities to non-existent positions in companies and institutions in Qatar, according to newspapers and online portals from the southern Indian state of Kerala. According to a newspaper from Kerala, the woman “recruiter” was said to be from Mumbai while her team members were residents of Kerala’s Ernakulam district. The paper said the arrests were made on complaints lodged by some candidates, including women, who were duped by “recruiters” earlier this month. “Though job scandals are common, those including women are very rare,” the paper noted. According to the reports, the “recruiters” had claimed at the “interviews” that one of their team members was working with the Qatar consulate in Mumbai. Interestingly, the fake “interviews” took place close on the heels of some agencies, authorised by some Qatar companies, held interviews to select personnel for them, according to the newspaper. Press reports said the fake agents held interviews in the Indian cities of Mumbai, Chennai, Kochi, Mangalore and Varanasi. While reporting the arrest of the woman in connection with the fake job offers, an online newspaper said advertisements for such “recruitment” drive were mostly carried in social networks. It said the “recruiters” could not succeed as some of the ex-Doha residents, who went for the interview, got suspicious when the “interviewers” mentioned the “work” locations in Qatar wrongly. According to the online newspaper, the fake teams also held “interviews” for drivers, technicians, electricians and foremen to some Doha companies. A few months ago, it was reported in a section of the online media about a Doha-resident, a woman, duping about 20 male nurses, promising “jobs” in some of the private polyclinics in Qatar. She reportedly took close to Rs150,000 (about QR9,000) from the “recruited” candidates. The nurses realised their folly only on their arrival in Qatar and ultimately some members of the country’s Indian community intervened to help some of them. Those who returned home without finding jobs managed to get their money back after staging a protest.