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Posted On: 13 May 2009 02:52 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:09 pm

Woman accuses colleague of assaulting her

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A woman working in a government department has taken a male colleague to court for allegedly manhandling her in public and causing bruises on her face. Both the complainant and the defendant work as clerks in a government department. On the day of the incident, the woman had gone up to the man and asked for a particular file for some urgent reference. The man refused, saying that his boss had issued strict instructions that no files in his custody be ever given away to anyone except on his orders. The boss was not present in the office at the time as he was out of station. The woman insisted on seeing the file, and spotting it on a shelf near the man’s desk, she tried to take it away forcibly. The man prevented her from doing so. A heated exchange began between the two and soon the situation turned ugly as the woman started slapping him in rage and pushing him. Feeling humiliated and embarrassed at having been treated in this way in front of his colleagues, the man began beating up the woman in fury and stopped only when his colleagues intervened. A departmental inquiry was initiated. Both the man and the woman were questioned, as also were some of their colleagues who were witness to the incident. The inquiry committee, according to Al Sharq, did not reach any conclusion as it was difficult to decide who was to blame for the incident. The committee’s members eventually asked the two of them to forgive each other, patch up and forget the incident, but the woman refused. Seeing that no punishment was being given to the man from the department, she approached the police and filed a complaint, saying she was assaulted by this male colleague and had suffered bruises on her face as a result.