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Posted On: 19 May 2019 02:00 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:17 pm

Why Garangao is one of Ramadan’s most one-of-a-kind celebrations

ILQ Staff
ILQ Staff
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Garangao is here, and, so we’ve compiled a list of some traditions of the festival that you should know! Garangao is celebrated on the 14th day of every Ramadan and is usually most enjoyed by children as a celebration of having fasted for half of the Holy Month. They eagerly await this festival for the first half of Ramadan, until they finally get to rejoice with their family and friends. While the origins of the festival are unclear, it continues to be a celebration exclusive to the Gulf region, and is known by different names in the different Gulf states.

1. Children dressing up

You’ll know when it’s Garangao because children all over Qatar get decked up in fancy clothes, with the girls wearing rich, colourful, embroidered jalabiyas and gold jewellery, carrying their decorated bags all set to hit the streets for a candy rush!

2. Collecting candy

Of course, a festival for children means lots and lots of candy. Traditionally, sweets and nuts were given to children in their bags. People stock their houses with candy prior to the festival – with some people even taking the time to prepare little packages for the children to collect.

3. Singing in the streets

The children have special Garangao songs that they sing as they frolic down the streets of their neighbourhoods, trying to get their hands on as much candy as they can.

4. Community gatherings

Often during Garangao, families gather together in their houses and celebrate Ramadan-style while their kids are out celebrating with candy. It’s a great time for people to get together and enjoy the company of family and friends!

5. Activities around the country

Garangao celebrations take place all around Qatar, with people bringing their children to partake in a variety of activities. These include distribution of goodie-bags, applying henna, face-painting, listening to, and narrating stories!


If you’re planning to celebrate Garangao with your family in Qatar, click HERE for all the Garangao events taking place. And, if you want to learn more about Ramadan in Qatar, visit!

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Written by Rumana Shaikh