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Posted On: 2 February 2011 11:40 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:10 pm

When words leave off, music begins. QMA

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Qatar music academy When words leave off, music begins. As a great resource for information, ILQ was invited yesterday afternoon to attend the lunches of Qatar music academy in katara (cultural village). Qatar music academy is a member organization of Qatar foundation for education, science and community development focused on musical excellence in line with Qatar foundation’s vision to encourage a progressive society and enhance cultural life appropriate to a knowledge economy, while protecting Qatar’s heritage. OMA is dedicated to developing the regions young talented through offering an extensive music program combined with a proven academic curriculum that embraces Arabic and Western traditions. As champions of excellence, QMA strives to foster a dynamic music industry in Qatar and inspires towards international recognition. QMA has a state of the art custom-built music school building at the heart of Katara, comprising multiple classrooms, performance rooms and instrumental practice areas. Where they will provide the very best available instruments including 10 Steinway pianos. Leadership of QMA were at the conference starting with: Dr. Saif Al Hajari Vice chair-Qatar Foundation, Chair of QMA announce; the teachers conducting all the classes have been selected from the distinguished Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra and other renowned institutions. Dr. Abdul Ghafour Al Heeti Principal of QMA also declares that QMA is dedicated to developing regional young talented through music programs that embrace both Arabic and Western backgrounds. Mr.Issa Boulos The Head of Arab music at QMA as an international award-winning Arab classical composer, lyricist and songwriter, his mission is to enrich the quality of contemporary Arab music and strengthen the cultural and social understanding of audiences. Moving to Head of western music at QMA Ms.Anne-Marie Pigneguy , Ms Anne plays an active role in shaping the future direction of music education and has attended a vast array of conference workshops and courses around the world . Stating from the management QMA Preparatory program is an intensive series of one-lessons supplemented by two weekly group musicship lessons that covers history, aural training, notation, music reading and analysis. The program targeted at school children aged between 8-10 years, which is scheduled after school. The programs started this week and will run for 5 months until June. While the program is free, spaces were limited only to students who have passion for music. Applications for 2011-2012 program will open may 1st. One of I love Qatar spectators asked Dr. Saif Al hajari Based on what do you chose the children and the respond was based on exams given to them and watching them carefully If they have the ability to learn and love music or not. The conference that took place at katara yesterday afternoon 31 February 2011 was wonderfully organized the concept of the meeting was to show how important music is and that music is an international language everyone can speak and communicate through moreover music speaks what cannot be expressed. at the same time as leadership are willing to work and help private and public schools understand how important music is that shows us that Qatar is working together to grow a beautiful nation. hajari.jpgILQ News ---------- This article was written by Joann Williams. A member of