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26 November 2018 11:07 am

What is Wasmi Season and how does it help with Qatar's plantation system?

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A 15-minute dust storm engulfed Doha last week with its suburbs and some other parts of the country causing low visibility which pushed motorists to drive extra carefully and just this Saturday, major Doha roads were jammed due to flood brought about by precipitation that is equivalent to almost a year's worth of rainfall in just one day.

Moreover, the rainfall that Qatar received the other day was three times greater than the usual average, according to a Qatar Meteorology Department (QMD) official.

The unstable weather is caused by the change of season as Qatar enters the Wasmi season which usually lasts for 52 days. It officially kicked off during the 15th day of the current month.

Wasmi Season in Qatar
(Source: Qatar Tribune)

Wasmi season is the Qatari term for rain season, during which the country witnesses a drop in temperatures, winds, storms and heavy rainfall. It is an important time for Qatar since it's the rain which plays the most pivotal role in the promotion of germification, as well as in the growth of certain plants especially in desert areas. This time is also regarded to as the official start of winter.

“This season is named so because it coincides with rainfall that helps certain local plants to grow such as Helianthemum and Geranium. Rainfall in the beginning of Wasmi season is usually an indication of a good rainy season,” said the weather department.

Wasmi Season in Qatar
(Source: Qatar Tribune)

During Wasmi season, residents are advised to take precautions and expect sudden rain or dust clouds, as well as low visibility. Drivers should drive slowly and more carefully, and people should try to cover their faces while outside.

In terms of flood prevention, the Public Works Authority and the Ministry of Municipality and Environment are working round-the-clock to monitor the main roads and drainage networks across the country via Ashghal’s Emergency Room to facilitate water removal from different areas in the State.

The QMD keeps on announcing on its social media accounts the importance of responsible driving, avoidance of maritime activities, and keeping updated with the latest weather condition during the Wasmi Season in Qatar.

Wasmi Season in Qatar
(Source: Qatar Tribune)

To know more about the Qatar Meteorology Department, check out their websites and social media links below!

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