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Posted On: 17 June 2009 09:13 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:09 pm

Welcome to Pearl Tower 4

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Paper Boy
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The United Development Company (UDC), master developer and owner of The Pearl-Qatar held a party for the unveiling of its Tower 4 at Porto Arabia on Monday evening, where residents and guests were entertained at the tower’s swimming pool and terrace area. The evening was attended by UDC chairman Hussein Alfardan and his son and board member Omar Alfardan, as well as Ahmed Hassan Bilal, Ibrahim al-Jaidah, and Abdulrahman Jawhari and a number of other prominent businessmen and VIPs. With the lights in the tower dimmed, the building was unveiled to the accompaniment of drums and a light show, and a welcome banner was unfurled from the 19th floor. Hostesses were on hand to provide guests with tours of the tower, and UDC staff members manned information desks to provide guests and new owners with all the necessary information - including a whole area on the environmental policies and achievements purposely put in place by UDC. Acting property manager at The Pearl-Qatar, Sami Abu Kishk told the assembled guests, VIPs, residents and home owners: “I am genuinely delighted to welcome our first Pearl-Qatar community, some of whom have started moving into this wonderful tower since May 1. It is a very exciting time for us and the handover of keys to these new dream homes continues daily.” Kishk said: “What you are seeing tonight is just the beginning of what is to come here at The Pearl-Qatar. This is just the first beautiful tower of 31 at Porto Arabia which are rising to the skies.” “Your new neighbourhood will be a virtual United Nations of residents, from some 28 different places in the world; from Lagos to Los Angeles, India to Italy and Saudi to Stockholm; all making their homes just in Tower 4. When completed The Pearl-Qatar will be home to an amazing 52 different nationalities,” he added. Executive vice president of assets management at The Pearl-Qatar, Eric Lebrun said: “Now you no longer need to climb onto an airliner and spend many hours to get someplace special, because your own home will be your favourite place to be.” “One of the most delightful aspects of life at The Pearl-Qatar is that whichever way you look, you will see the sea, and just a few footfalls from your doorstep will be scores of authentic international restaurants and global brand name shops. And you are only minutes from a relaxing stroll along our wonderful boardwalk or to our Marina,” he added. Managing director and president of UDC Khalil Sholy said: “I am personally very proud to have been involved in this project from the beginning, along with my esteemed colleagues when it was little more than a collection of sketches on paper. And now we see before us an entire living community rising up from the sea.” “The Pearl-Qatar truly is tomorrow’s world today!” he added.