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15 March 2019 11:50 am

Watch out for 'Indian Embassy' fraud calls in Qatar

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Qatar Tribune reported that the Indian Embassy in Doha has warned people in Qatar to be beware of calls made by scammers claiming to be of the embassy.

In a tweet, the embassy urged the people not fall for such calls, which are intended to extract personal information.

"Beware of spoof call masquerading as Embassy Officials (sic)," the embassy said in a tweet on Thursday.

One of the ways spam callers mask their identities is by “spoofing” local numbers. If a number looks familiar, you’re probably more likely to pick up the call.

“We have come to know that people were getting calls asking to pay money or face problem with their passport,” an embassy official told The Peninsula.

“This is global phenomena and we have received complaints from some expatriates,” he added.

The embassy called on people not to disclose personal details such as passport or bank account numbers through the phone. It also urged them to report suspicious calls at +974-4425 5777 or at [email protected]

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