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Posted On: 4 August 2010 06:35 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:10 pm

Vodafone's social networking!

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Social networking sites created by Vodafone Qatar have already drawn legion of followers with over 20,000 Facebook members and 1,400 Twitter followers since it was established in December 2009. More people have patronised the two Vodafone social networking sites after they learned about the conveniences it offered on interactive online services like listening to and engaging their customers reach beyond phone calls. Vodafone Qatar has integrated online social listening into how they do customer service. Using Facebook (, along with Twitter ( and blogs, Vodafone Qatar listens to their customers, provides assistance, answers questions and engages in conversations about its brand. It’s also a forum to gather feedback about what customers would like to see from Vodafone, such as new products and service improvements. In fact, members of the Vodafone Facebook Group are often the first to hear about Vodafone’s new offers, promotions and events, as well as special offers just for them “Vodafone is a firm believer in the value of online social networking as a great way to meet and engage with our customers,” said DeEtte Christie, Head of Online, Vodafone Qatar. “We get lots of great ideas and suggestions from our Facebook community and all the different departments at Vodafone actively listen to what's said on Facebook, Twitter, and more,” Christie said. Christie said they take feedback and make real change in their business. For example, feedback on our network from our Facebook members is helping them improve network coverage. “We’ve actually installed cell sites in some areas in Qatar because of what we were told on Facebook,” continued Christie. Accessing Facebook on the mobile is free for all Vodafone customers, so there's no charge for interacting with Vodafone on their Facebook page. Plus customers get 10MB of free Mobile Internet every month which they can use to surf other sites like, a popular local website whose forums Vodafone participates in. Anyone can join Vodafone Qatar’s Facebook Group by setting up an account and searching for “Vodafone Qatar” within the Facebook site. Following Vodafone Qatar on Twitter can be done by adding @VodafoneQatar to one’s Twitter account. ILQ News