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Posted On: 15 March 2012 06:01 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:11 pm


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VODAFONE QATAR’S WORLD OF DIFFERENCE SPONSORED PROGRAMME FREESTYLE TO LAUNCH ON 6 APRIL Doha, 15 March 2012: Vodafone Qatar announced that its World of Difference sponsored programme Freestyle Aquatics will launch over a two day event on Friday 6 and Saturday 7 April at the American School of Doha outdoor pool. Freestyle Aquatics is an aquatics programme that includes customised swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving experiences and training for the physically disabled aged 8 years and above. It will be the first and the only one of its kind in Qatar. Participating in the launch event is free of charge. The instructions will be taught in English primarily but there will be a translator on hand to help with Arabic communications. For those that are interested in participating in the launch event, the following pre-registration requirements need to be done: • Contact Freestyle Aquatics on email [email protected] to obtain the necessary medical forms which need to be filled out and returned to Freestyle Aqautics by the 23rd of March • For those that are interested in only swimming/snorkeling then it’s required to fill up the medical forms but they do not have to see a physician. • For those that would like to scuba dive, the forms have to be completed by a physician and returned to Freestyle Aquatics. • For those under age 18, their paperwork must be signed by a legal guardian. The programme was founded and is run by Kathleen Bates who has been working with the physically disabled for the past 15 years in active/outdoor recreational settings. She has 13 years collective diving & teaching experience, and she is a professional snorkelling and scuba diving instructor with certification from three international accredited agencies from Europe, Asia and the United States. She is the only certified handicapped scuba instructor in Qatar and only one of two female adaptive instructors in the GCC. “I am so grateful that Vodafone Qatar gave me the opportunity to be able to bring Freestyle Aquatics to life,” said Kathleen Bates. “There are many benefits to participating in a programme of this kind. Physically, participants will experience relief of pain and muscle spasms, they will enjoy improved flexibility, balance and agility. Mentally participating can provide a true sense of accomplishment and help develop or improve self-esteem & self-confidence. Socially, these activities can help participants overcome stereotypes and can integrate them into their peer groups as equals. For many people, being active and in the water can be LIFE CHANGING!,” continued Kathleen Bates World of Difference is an initiative part of ‘Better World’, Vodafone Qatar’s corporate social responsibility strategy. It is a unique flagship project and a first in Qatar in which Vodafone Qatar gives people the opportunity to receive funding for 12 months to undertake projects to help the community in Qatar. For more information on Better World, visit and for more information on Freestyle Aquatics please visit - ILQ news -