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Posted On: 30 May 2013 09:47 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:13 pm

Vodafone facility eyes high-end clients

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Vodafone Qatar opened yesterday its Al Safwa Centre aimed at high-end individuals and corporate business clients. The centre located in West Bay’s Al Fardan Towers is billed as the start of the next chapter of Vodafone Qatar as a provider of services to businesses in the country. Vodafone’s CEO Richard Daly said: “Today is a very exciting day for us. Over the past three years, we have been working successfully with an ever growing number of companies. “There are two things our customers have asked us to deliver: innovative products and great customer service. It is this customer feedback that led us to build and today launch the Vodafone Al Safwa Centre.” The CEO said that the centre is open to everyone, but their main objective in planning this new centre was to service and provide business solutions to high-end individuals and corporate clients. The Al Safwa Centre will be the focus for all business services activities, delivering an elite level of service to all companies across Qatar. Vodafone handpicked the best customer service staff and have given them intensive training to ensure its customers receive outstanding service. There are many dimensions to the Al Safwa experience, with the latest technologies and products showcased, all of which are available to businesses in Qatar. Visitors to Al Safwa will especially be struck by the network map on display, showing the massive reach that Vodafone, the world’s leading telecom company, has around the world. With a presence in 80 countries, connected by over one million kilometres of fibre optic cable, Vodafone’s global network serves over 400mn customers around the world, who together talk for over 28 billion minutes each year. “Qatar is at the heart of this network and this scale lets us deliver brilliant service to people, either when they call internationally or when they travel to other parts of the world,” explained Mohamed al-Yami, Vodafone’s external affairs director. “Locally, after only three full years of operation, Vodafone’s network now provides 100% population coverage of Qatar with more than one million customers actively using our services”. Also on show is the Customer Premises Equipment that Vodafone installs for its enterprise customers, which enables all the products in the Vodafone portfolio, from Internet access to VPN and leased lines. Through Vodafone’s cutting edge technology and Qatar National Broadband Network’s fibre connectivity, Vodafone can deliver incredible speeds of up to 1Gbps, which currently isn’t otherwise available in Qatar. All that Vodafone has to offer businesses, is discussed in Al Safwa’s Innovation Room, where Vodafone holds innovation workshops with senior executives from a single company at a time to understand the direction of their business, explore how new technologies might help them to get ahead of the game and then plan out a roadmap for how Vodafone and the customer, working together, can create the very best solutions that will deliver a productivity or capability leap forward for these companies. Al Safwa Centre can be visited Saturday to Thursday from 8am to 6pm.