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Posted On: 10 November 2011 12:16 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:11 pm

Visitors to Sealine beach complain of lack of facilities

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Several visitors to the Sealine beach in Mesaieed, one of the most popular leisure spots in Qatar, have complained about the inadequate facilities and the risky road leading to the area. Braving the chill weather, a large number of nationals and residents visited the beach and the sand dunes in Sealine since the beginning of the holidays. The makeshift shopping centre and recreation facility set up by Al Meera has become an added attraction for the visitors, especially families. However, the narrow road leading to the beach continues to pose a major threat to the visitors, triggering calls to tighten traffic monitoring in the area. Work is currently going on to expand the single lane road to a two lane highway from each side, but excavation being carried out as part of the project has made driving even more risky, say residents. Barricades have also been erected at various spots as part of the renovation. Reckless driving by some motorists on this narrow road has caused several traffic accidents. Three people were injured in a road accident on Tuesday who were rushed to the HMC emergency by air ambulance. Visitors also point out that there is no lighting on the long stretch of road leading from Mesaeed to Sealine, making night time driving a real nightmare. Many visitors return from the beach after sunset while there are many others who camp there until late in the night. Several visitors who are impressed by the shopping and recreation facilities set up by Al Meera have called to expand the facility. Al Meera has set up make shift tents near the beach with a supermarket, food stalls by leading outlets and a recreation facility for children and families. “Al Meera camping is considered the best place in Sealine because it has provided lot of activities under one roof. A number of families are visiting there during Eid holidays and the camping season. I hope more companies would set up such facilities in the area by the next camping season,” said Abdullah Omar, a visitor. He also called on the authorities to build roads connecting the camping area and provide more space for camping. The Peninsula