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Posted On: 6 August 2011 07:21 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:11 pm

Vietnam is looking to import Qatari gas in 2013

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Petrovietnam company said yesterday that the government where of the length of the gas trade is in talks with Qatar Liquefied Gas Company on a contract to supply LNG to Vietnam is expected to begin delivery in 2013. And the expansion of me. Jazz in the gas trade arm of Petrovietnam list of potential suppliers of natural gas, with increasing importance in the generation of electricity. In the past year, such as gas, 7.31 percent of the fuel mixture used to generate electricity after hydropower which reached 6.37 percent. Vietnam already has plans to import gas from countries in Southeast Asia such as Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia through the Asian pipeline. The company met with a delegation from the Qatar gas-largest exporter of LNG in the world in late July to negotiate a contract to buy liquefied natural gas in part of a plan to import my. In Jazz. In Vietnam, told me. Jazz in the domestic supply of gas is not sufficient to meet the demand for electricity, urea and other industrial uses and emphasized the need to import liquefied natural gas. Assaa the last a trade source said that Qatar is a small oil producer within OPEC has been notified by Asian buyers and at least one that it will supply the full amount of Van marine and land contracted for the month of September, unchanged from levels in August The move was expected as Qatar has to supply full contracted volumes of Van since August 2009. Qatar and gave buyers the option to request shipments increase or decrease of five percent from the contract as it did in the previous month, according to the source. It is expected that the oil refining companies decide whether to exercise the option after the country's largest oil exporter in the world to notify buyers supplies September he might next week