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Posted On: 14 February 2015 07:19 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:14 pm

Vegetables prices drop

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The prices of most vegetables and fruits have recently dropped considerably at the Abu Hamour Central Market, it is learnt. Increased supply of locally produced vegetables, including tomatoes, eggplants, cucumber, zucchini, on account of the good weather, and stable demand are attributed as two main reasons for the price drop.

“A drop in prices improves our sales as customers buy more, even double the usual quantities,” an Asian vegetable vendor at the market told Gulf Times.
The price of a box of around 7-8 kgs of tomatoes now ranges between QR5 and QR10 depending on the size and quality. The minimum price earlier was QR15..
A box of relatively good quality cauliflower of about 5-6kgs is now being sold for prices as low as QR5, while a few weeks ago the price was almost QR15.

“Since it is a daily market and goods are not stocked not even for a few days, you can buy good quantities for a reasonable price,” pointed out an Arab customer.
Other prices include QR5 for a big box of corncobs, QR3-6 for low quality broccoli, QR10 for a box of around 7kg of Lebanese oranges, QR3-5 for a pineapple, and QR10-20 for a box of grapes, depending on quality and quantity.

Local farm owners had previously indicated that they were not gaining much, or were even sustaining losses as their products were sold at lower prices, sometimes even below production cost at the Central Market.

Accordingly, the Central Municipal Council had issued a number of recommendations to the parties concerned to help local producers to sell their products to the major shopping centres and supermarkets at reasonable prices.
The Central market has various separate sections; one for the wholesale of vegetables, another for fruits and some varieties of vegetables, a third section for the sale of onions, potatoes, melon and pumpkin, a fourth section for retail sale of vegetables and fruits and a separate building each for fish and meat products, respectively.