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Posted On: 29 January 2014 04:33 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:14 pm


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The Youth Company, a Qatar-based social enterprise for youth empowerment and development, has recently announced the onset of a new initiative targeting specifically Qatari youth: The Qatarization Integration Program (QIP). The 6-month program aims to target up to 50 Qatari Youth between the ages of 18 to 24 years, encouraging them to empower and develop themselves while providing them with exclusive knowledge and skills that help them understand where their future stands by providing them with a life-changing experience of learning, interacting, socializing and identifying within the global community. The program is planned for official launch during April 2014.

“As a part of the learning experience with The Youth Company and achieving the country’s national vision, The Youth Company Qatar understands the need of development in Qatari youth in terms of soft-skills. TYC therefore provides an extensive and detailed program for Qatari youth that not only enhances their basic skills of leadership, but also, provides them with a platform to access to world-class facilities and understand the concept of innovation, collaboration, communication and active citizenship,” speaks Abdulrahman Sajid, Deputy CEO of The Youth Company.

The QIP follows a straightforward program flow that consists of 4 phases, each complementing the last and providing different experiences to the participating youths. The program initiates with Tadreeb, an eight-week long leadership training session, followed by the Tamheed module, where members learn how to start up and prepare their own business ventures. The third module is Taghreed, which will equip members with the correct tools needed for social media integration in their businesses. The last phase is Tabdeel, where the members, now termed full-fledged entrepreneurs, enter a two to three month internship period that aims to further shape their leadership skills.

However, aside from the core four-part program, the QIP also offers various other opportunities that aim to enhance and streamline the overall experiences for its members. These include an online portal titled Takmeel, in order to sustain a strong network between the members, a “survey booklet” to be completed by members as part of the research training in the Tadreeb module, the production of “my Tabdeel Story” by each member documenting their experiences during the module, and finally, a graduating ceremony celebration a successful completion of all four modules of the QIP Program.

“The QIP integrates and believes in youth as a role model in terms of Economic, Human and Social development of Qatar. Therefore, it is led by a team of extraordinarily skilled and multicultural youth. Following the trends in terms of the development of Qatar, the international experiences are now available to the Qataris for them to learn and inspire the world, because Qatar deserves to be the best,” said Aya Abu Issa, CEO of The Youth Company.

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